Get income with advantages of Forex trading advisor

Get income with advantages of Forex trading advisor

Get income with advantages of Forex trading advisor

Over the last few years, many traders have been forced into the power of automatic trading systems. Large amount of experts, indicators and advisors have filled the specialized sites for sale. They are very likely to sell the most popular forex trading advisors. Sometimes there are real battles between adherents of various algorithms and methods of automatic trading.

But no matter how, the effectiveness of these methods of automatic trading on the Forex is non-negligible. About half of all the trading transactions are carried out with the use of automatic forex factory expert advisor.

Well, what should you do? It is necessary to install one of the many forex trading advisors and actively start foreign exchange tradings and getting great income. Of course, you can install and turn on an advisor. The only question is: which one?


Type of forex trading advisor to choose


What type of forex trading advisor to choose?

According to the classification, forex factory expert advisor can be divided into the following categories:

- trending - configured exclusively to work in the direction of the current trend. This type of advisor is usually offered for medium and long term trading.

- scalpers and pipsers are the exact opposite of trend advisors. This category of experts monitors many transactions and responds to any change in price.

- using the martenhale system - forex factory expert advisor working on the principle of a pyramid. When losing one trade at a loss, these Forex advisors immediately open a doubled lot in the opposite direction, and so on until either the trade closes with a profit or the trader loses a deposit.


How do forex advisors work?

Each forex advisor is an algorithm of a certain trading strategy, written in MQL4. Developers analyze the chosen Forex strategy, consider the signals for entry and exit, test it in a special metatrader program on the history of trading and conduct tests in real trading. Naturally, the more popular, more profitable the “manual” strategy, the more profitable the forex trading advisors will be. Of course, a lot depends on the programmer-developer.

Good profitable forex trading advisor is much quicker than a person to navigate the trading situation, processing huge amounts of incoming data.

Strict observance of the rules, speed and, accordingly, productivity are the three whales that distinguish automatic Forex trading from manual trading.

However, it should not be considered that once having installed a profitable Forex advisor in the terminal, you can concentrate only on stacking money packets. The market is changing, the laws of the movement of currencies are being adjusted, then any trading robot can be edited by developers several times during its life. In any case, when acquiring forex factory expert advisor, a trader must consider it.

In addition, before choosing an expert, a trader must understand the principle of his work. To do this, he is recommended to study and even trade according to the strategy prescribed in the advisor algorithm.

Also, one should not forget that forex trading advisor does not consider news or important releases; its algorithm does not provide for sharp price spikes. Therefore, at such moments, the work of the advisor gets lost, and the trader can suffer significant losses.


forex trading advisors advantages


Nevertheless, forex trading advisors have undeniable advantages:

- lack of human factor or emotional component. Advisor opens a position or leaves it strictly according to the established rules.

- speed of execution. The trading advisor instantly analyzes the situation and makes decisions much faster than a person. This quality is especially important when working on short time periods.

- multifunctionality. Modern forex trading advisor can track a lot of currency pairs or trading instruments, which greatly improves the efficiency of trading.

Automated forex trading is becoming popular not only among large players, but also among ordinary traders with small deposits. This leads to the fact that people who have recently discovered Forex and do not understand the principles of the foreign exchange market begin to engage in the development of forex factory expert advisor, so before you download and install some kind of advisor, you should understand the nature of its appearance and not make a mistake with the choice. But this is probably the only minus of automated trading.


Given that the situation in the financial markets is constantly changing, it may turn out that a successful Forex advisor in the past who did not receive a timely change in the code has given way to a competitor or even a “newbie” in the public (or personal) rating. This applies to both paid and free forex trading advisors.

Forex factory expert advisor decision

To make a decision: several ratings of forex trading advisors, select intersections, make a list of several programs - paid and free; with free advisors first, draw conclusions for yourself;

3.before buying always check forex trading advisor empirically - test, otherwise the risk of buying a "pig in a poke" increases. Remember that many advisors that are effective in the past stop working in the future;

4.for paid advisors, look for promotions and discounts, they can reach 90% of the total cost of software;

5.calculate the payback based on the price of the advisor and the predicted profitability. Forex factory expert advisor can cost several hundred dollars. Suppose you decide to purchase the program for $300 and you are promised a 3% yield per month. The recommended payback period for the advisor is three months. This means that you must have at least 3200 dollars on deposit, and you can talk about profit only after three months.


If you can afford to have on your account such an amount exclusively for trading through forex trading advisor, you can buy this software.

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