Advisors: how to triple a Deposit with a drawdown of 15%

Advisors: how to triple a Deposit with a drawdown of 15%

Advisors: how to triple a Deposit with a drawdown of 15%

The characteristics of many expert advisors often consist entirely of loud adjectives: "the most profitable", "the most popular", and so on. In this article, we will not shake the air, but simply show real statements on some expert advisors to prove their effectiveness and show what they are capable of.

In this article you will be acquainted with the results of the trade – my own and my students. However, to achieve impressive performance, you need to set the settings correctly. Do you want to learn more about this? Then watch my free webinar. You will learn how and by what criteria to create your own portfolios of expert advisors that bring from 50% of profit per month with a drawdown of up to 20%.
So, today I want to present the results of a trading account that trades 008 and 007 expert advisors. There were practically no deals on the other two, so we will not dwell on them. I will also show the results of several students and share the results of the new settings for 007 and 009 expert advisors.

Let's start with the statement.
Statistics for the month: very good profit-drawdown ratio: drawdown was 5% of the Deposit, profit – about 32%. On the yield curve, you see a sharp jump up – these are transactions made after the publication of the report on the elections in the UK Parliament.

You often ask me how many trades are made in a week or month. So: in total, 63 transactions were opened for 9 currency pairs of trading 007 and 008 of the robot during the month.

Now let's look at a few transactions made by the 008 robot:
Deal on the canadian. 008 the robot trades in the night range. The author's channel indicator is used for the entry point. In the picture, the "Bollinger" is used as an example, so that you have an idea of the entry point. Someone students call this robot the scalper the scalper. This is not entirely true. Most often, the take profit is about 10 points. A couple more examples.
From $3000, $210000 was made in a year and a half with a maximum drawdown of 20%. Agree, it is impressive. It is clear that this is a tester, optimization, and risk, but using these settings to accelerate the Deposit, we are well aware of what we are doing.

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