Analysis: "I have lost the Deposit. What to do?»

Analysis: "I have lost the Deposit. What to do?»


Today we will touch on a very important issue that we hope you have never encountered and will not encounter (however, in any case, it is better to be prepared for this situation): what to do if you "leaked" a Deposit. In this article, we have collected the 3 most important rules that will help everyone who has lost a Deposit, successfully overcome this and move on.

The degree of "horror" of this situation directly depends on the size of the merged Deposit. However, the employees of the Forex Academy have friends who were not prevented from starting all over again by the merged Deposit, which has an impressive number of zeros. The main thing is to follow the steps below.
1. Fully stop the trade

The most important and most difficult thing in this situation is to resist the temptation to continue trading. A parallel with gambling is appropriate here: for example, in poker there is a so-called "tilt state", when a player, under the power of very strong negative emotions, tries to "win back" or, in the case of positive emotions, repeat the success, because "today is my day". It doesn't work. This is irrational. And you should not do this in any case. Go to the bottom, hide, completely disable the terminal, computer, get out of all social networks, and even better – completely change your environment: for example, if you are a resident of a large city, go to the village, at least for a few days. If there is no way to radically change the situation, start small: switch to unusual movies, books, food, make a couple of new friends.
All this is necessary in order for the brain to literally "work": a change in the situation has a beneficial effect on its activity, stimulating the formation of new neural connections. For a huge part of the time, your brain works on autopilot, generating tens of thousands of thoughts every day, of which only a third are new. What you were thinking today, you were thinking yesterday, the day before yesterday, and a month ago. However, when your brain is in an unfamiliar environment, it is forced to think in new categories. It is thanks to the change of thought patterns that its performance increases.

Another important point – do not take the Deposit drain as the end of your trading career. This is a normal, natural process of searching for your strategy, an intermediate stage on the way to success, the end point of which is to increase your Deposit several times.
2. Do the work on the bugs

Analyze your trading system. Think about it: what exactly was the cause of the drained Deposit? Lack of stamina, tactics, or strategy as such? You may have chosen the wrong type of trading that suits you. Now you (at least at first) need to abandon risky trading strategies aimed at intensive acceleration of the Deposit or based on the martingale system.

Here is an example of a convenient and understandable scheme. It will help you decide on the type of trading that is ideal for you.
3. Start over

Now that the passions have subsided a little and everything has fallen into place, it's time to start trading with a clean slate. To paraphrase a well – known expression, "The one who merged once will merge twice" - provided that he does not change his trading strategy. You will never lose your Deposit if you trade using a clear algorithm. The "Sniper" strategy is one of the few proven strategies that has a simple and clear algorithm. Trading on it, it is simply impossible to merge the Deposit. The "Sniper" strategy provides from 20% per month to the Deposit on a monthly basis – in the framework of conservative trading (which we recommend paying attention to at the first stage) and from 50% to infinity – in the framework of the overclocking strategy. The most important advantage of a trading strategy with a clear algorithm is objectivity: the algorithm can not be interpreted in two ways, you have a set of rules, and you either follow them (and earn steadily on Forex), or not (merge the Deposit and start reading this article from the beginning). If you want to get such a trading algorithm, do not miss the free webinar on the strategy "Sniper", which will be held on August 29 at 20.00 Moscow time. Access to the webinar is only via a link. To get the link, click the button below.

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