Battle of trading advisors: 007 vs. Tokyo

Battle of trading advisors: 007 vs. Tokyo

Battle of trading advisors: 007 vs. Tokyo

Our article today is dedicated to two popular expert advisors. So, meet: in the red corner of the ring – adviser 007, in the blue – adviser Tokyo. We suggest you compare these two tools and decide which one is more effective!

Moreover, in the free webinar below, you will learn about all the similarities and differences between these two expert advisors, their weaknesses and strengths. We will also analyze the trading strategy that the Tokyo robot is based on in real time, identify the effectiveness of this strategy, and even test it on history.
And now, as promised, let's start analyzing trading robots. Let's start with the trend adviser 007. This expert Advisor gives up to 1000 points of profit per month, without exceeding the drawdown of 20%. Created based on two years of manual trading. Tests of the expert Advisor for a period of 8 years showed that the number of unprofitable positions did not exceed five – you will agree, an impressive indicator. The Forex expert Advisor is equipped with 4 methods of position tracking. It can withstand long-term flats.
Testing the Tokyo expert Advisor

Let's go to the Tokyo robot and analyze its principle of operation on Forex.

In the interval between the closing of the new York stock exchange and the opening of the Tokyo market, the trend of the American trading session continues. This usually works 90% of the time. Two indicators are used to determine the trend: 10 SMA and 197 SMA on H1 GBPUSD.

Purchase entry mechanics:

If two SMA indicators are pointing up, we are waiting for confirmation from the fractal on M15 and the entry point on the fractal on M5.
Support options:

1 order with Take Profit 80, Stop Loss 120, Trailing Stop 9
2 orders Take Profit -1 22, Take Profit-2 47, Stop Loss 140, Trailing Stop 22
3 orders Take Profit-1 22, Take Profit-2 50, Take Profit-3 80, Stop Loss 140, Trailing Stop 22

Well, you have learned how the 007 and Tokyo expert advisors work. Do you want to learn about the work of other expert advisors and learn how to use them correctly in your trading so that you can earn up to 2000 points a month? Then welcome to the course "Automatic trading" – only here you will trade with expert advisors who have never "merged"!

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