CFD contracts on Forex: what is it?

CFD contracts on Forex: what is it?

CFD contracts on Forex: what is it?

If you are planning to engage in trading, then you, as a trader, should definitely know what CFDs are on Forex. In addition, it will be useful to understand how cfd contracts are traded and everything related to it. After all, for a really profitable trade in other assets (not currency pairs), it is important to understand CFD trading.
CFD contracts: what is it?

Let's say that you are now standing on the floor of the new York stock exchange, where millions, if not billions, of us dollars ' worth of assets are being sold and bought every second. Around you, you see large monitors with constantly changing numbers and dates. You observe the work of traders who constantly conduct operations with the purchase and sale of futures, options, or government bonds.

By the way, securities transactions can have different goals: dividends in the form of stable but long-term investment, or short-term profit from speculative operations. Despite this, all participants of the exchange are primarily interested in making a profit.

So, we come to the most interesting part. Want to buy Google shares or sell Facebook shares? No problem, you don't have to be in London or new York to do this. All exchange operations can be carried out right at home. This allows you to implement contracts for difference, or as they are also called CFD contracts (Contract For Difference).
CFD contracts for shares: what is it?

In other words, CFD contracts for difference are nothing more than a contract between a buyer and a seller to transfer the difference at the time of the transaction (order opening) and its value at the end of the contract, i.e. its closing of the Forex order.

Let's say a trader bought 20 shares of Facebook at a price of 127.85 USD per share, and after a while sold it at a price of 129.85 USD. It turns out that the buyer company undertakes to pay the trader the price difference according to the formula 20 (shares) x 2 (price difference at the time of purchase and sale) = 40 us dollars. If the share price falls for any reason, then the financial obligation to pay this difference will be imposed on the Forex trader himself. Now you understand that cfd contracts are the difference in the price at which a particular exchange asset was bought and sold.
Advantages of CFD trading

Favorable collateral requirements. The Deposit on the actual value of the contract is 10%.
Ubiquity and accessibility. You can trade assets from anywhere on the planet Earth, as long as the Internet is available.
Low Forex Commission. The Commission fee for the operation is from 0.05%.
Guarantees for the execution of orders. You can always open or close orders, regardless of what price an asset has reached.
Ability to diversify. Emerging risks can always be diversified through a wide range of financial assets.
The granting of a credit shoulder. CFD contracts for difference provide an opportunity to obtain leverage or, as it is also called, credit. A trader can use leverage to count on the execution of transactions that significantly exceed the trader's security Deposit in terms of amounts. However, for this advantage, you will have to pay a certain percentage. Thus, a certain Commission will be deducted from the client's account with each new trading session. This is a kind of payment to a Forex broker for expenses aimed at lending to their clients.

Disadvantages of CFD Forex

The main disadvantage when trading CFDs on Forex is huge spreads. Those traders who use Forex trading strategies based on scalping as a working strategy, or simply close short positions, are not recommended to use CFD contracts. After all, a large spread will eat up a significant part of the profit points. And unprofitable transactions with it will be much more. On the stock exchange, trading stocks, options or indices, Commission is paid as swaps, and on Forex, this Commission is replaced by a large Forex spread.
CFDs on stock indexes

CFD contracts for stock indexes are also found on the market. They are practically no different from contracts for difference on shares. However, this type of contract is quite a specific financial instrument for a trader. A trader can make a profit depending on changes in the numerical values of stock indexes.

Any stock index can act as a base asset. Each item is equal to a certain numeric value (sum). For example, let one point of the NASDAQ index be 0.01, then its lot will be equated to twice the value of the instrument itself and valued at $0.02. The same rule applies to currency accounts. It is important to keep in mind that the stock index can change its value by several thousand pips on average during a trading session. Thus, with the right approach, a trader can earn good money by opening CFD contracts on stock indices. But there is also a downside: if the analysis is wrong, the losses will be noticeable.

The movement of exchange indices in one direction or another depends on the movement of a number of financial instruments (stocks, currencies) included in the calculation of the exchange index. Therefore, knowing how the price of a particular stock index is formed, you can always diversify your risks.
How do I set up a terminal for trading CFDs on Forex?

Forex trading after some time become available on the Forex market. There are certain Forex brokers that provide the opportunity to trade all the exchange assets present on the stock exchange.

If a broker provides CFD trading on Forex, then you need to read its terms and conditions, since they are different for everyone. For example, in Russia there are Forex brokers that allow trading on CFD contracts with a minimum Deposit of $10 thousand and a small trading lot. Also, not that DC give you the opportunity to find out what FOREX CFDs are on a demo account. In the conditions, You may see something like this:

cfd contracts

Figure 1. FOREX CFD trading Conditions.

Let's say you are satisfied with the terms of a broker that provides services for contracts for difference, you downloaded the MT4 terminal, but it initially has only currency pairs and no exchange assets in sight. What should I do?

Right-click in the "market Overview" window, and then the context menu POPs up. Then you need to select "Symbols".

Next, a window opens where you need to select the " CFD " section and click the "Show"button.

cfd trading

Figure 2. setting up CFD contracts in the MT4 terminal and selecting the CFD section.

That's all, in our "market Overview" window, we can see stock stocks, indexes, and other symbols.

contract for difference in prices

Figure 5. Exchange assets in the MT4 terminal window.

Above, we discussed what CFDs are on Forex, and learned about the advantages and disadvantages of trading exchange-traded assets. We told you how to set up a Forex broker's terminal for trading CFD contracts.

As you have already understood, the CFD contract for difference is not used by all traders. If you have a relatively small capital and a desire to trade shares, then you should give preference to CFDs. However, if the Deposit size is impressive, then you do not need to spend time on CFD contracts for difference. It is better for such traders to resort to trading futures or options.

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