Change your life with the Sniper Analysis

Change your life with the Sniper Analysis

Change your life with the Sniper Analysis

reamed of earning just such a sum? Today you will learn how ordinary ordinary people change their lives by trading week after week. Each transaction brings them closer to the desired amount. How do they do this? It all started with an entry to the special course "Sniper".

My name is Jan Sikorsky, I am an AcademyFX trader. By tradition, I will analyze the results of the past trading week. As examples, I will take the deals of my students who are trained in the special course "Sniper".

So, last week I outlined the key levels for the following currency pairs: GBP/JPY, GBP/USD, USD/JPY.

Let's start with the GBP/USD currency pair.

Before the start of the trading week, I indicated a key resistance around 1.2310 and a key support that was held in the range of 1.2100. On Tuesday, we saw an approach to the value of 1.2100, where RU3 began to form. What's it? In the Sniper vehicle, this entry point is called the base point.

Take a look at the example of a student transaction:

funt vhod1 7a136

Next, I would like to focus on the GBP/JPY pair.

On Tuesday, along with the pound, a good point for entering the market was given by the pound/yen pair. Before the start of the week, I marked the key resistance for it in the range of 127.650. On Tuesday, we saw an approach to this price zone, after which ru3 (the base entry point) was formed in IT.

What the entrance looked like:

funt vhod 8d176

Now look at the result:

funt itog 5e7d5

The next pair is USD/JPY.

For the Japanese currency, I marked the key zone at 104.400, which was broken through on the night from Monday to Tuesday. The dollar / yen pair provided an entry point, but unfortunately it happened at night, so neither I nor my students were able to enter this position. After all, everyone needs a rest.

Such an entry point is called a ZK (or consolidation Zone).Schematically, I will show the technique of entering at this point.

So, the rules for trading such an entry point will be as follows:

It looks like a horizontal flat with a width of no more than 20 points;
Entry occurs after pinning above the upper border;
Only exit in the direction of the latest trend is traded;
The WK (consolidation Zone) cannot be a reversal (if the trend is in Buy, the exit from the WK in Sell is not traded).

Let's see how it looks on the chart:

doll ien 0c856

Now let's go to the current market situation and note the key market zones where you need to search for entry points for the vehicle Sniper.
GBP/USD pair

This week, the key levels for GBP / USD remain the same, the resistance is around 1,2300 (this is the red line).

Support is around 1,2100 (this is the blue line). It is in these zones that we will wait for the formation of entry points. It is also worth looking at the TIU in the area of 1.2260 (this is the green line).

Let's look at the graph:

funt analitika1 818e3
GBP/JPY pair

In the pound / yen pair, the situation is somewhat uncertain at the moment. The key levels for the next week will be the latest reaction to TIU around 128.400.Also, we can consider the price zone around 127.750 as a support. Well, as a support for the current week, we will have a TIU around 126.200 and a TIU(C) around 125.350. It is at these key points that we will expect the formation of entry points:

funt analitika f2175
USD/JPY pair

In the Dollar/Yen pair at 31.10, the key price zones are 104.450, where there is support(also known as the blue line) and resistance at 105.400 (this is the red line), when breaking through, the potential will open up to the nearest TIU (C), located in the area of 106.600:

ienna analitika a406c

As you can see, threading is not only profitable, but also interesting. The "Sniper" trading strategy perfectly demonstrates these qualities. In addition, "Sniper" gives a real boost and growth, both for the trader, turning him into a professional and a real shark of the market, and for his Deposit. Answer the question: does your job offer you the same opportunities? Do you want to change something right now?

Then sign up for a special course "sniper" and change yourself and the world around you. By clicking on the button below, you will learn all the details about the special course "Sniper". There will be no more boring and long work. And everything now depends only on You and your desire to change something and earn on your dream.

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