Cheat time: what trading robots can do

Cheat time: what trading robots can do

Cheat time: what trading robots can do

Modern man is less and less in need of material goods. Today, every second person owns something that even the previous generation thought was an unacceptable luxury. However, time is still the most valuable resource that we cannot cope with. We can't stop time. But we can trick him.

We discussed how to do this on our broadcast on June 6 on trading robots that literally work for You while you are resting.
In just an hour, you will learn how to create a portfolio of expert advisors in order to steadily increase your Deposit; when to disable expert advisors if important economic news is brewing; and how to get a portfolio of expert advisors as a gift. And all this is completely free!

To prove how effective this method is, I will show You the results of my trading on the live market. Consider two accounts. Those who constantly monitor my results know that I provide reports on three accounts. On the first one – with a balance of 12,000 – I trade a semi-robot from the option levels. On the second account, which has a balance of about 10,000, only the 008 night robot trades, and recently I connected the 007 robot with a minimum lot of 007 so that you can see its trading as well. The third account is an investor's account with a volume of 100,000. this month there were almost no transactions there.

So, let's start with an account where trading starts from the option levels.
What characteristics should you pay attention to:

The maximum drawdown was $90.81, which is less than 1% of the Deposit.
The profit for the month was $871, which is about 9% of the profit.

As you can see, the number of transactions is not large. We will look at some of them. You are well aware that by increasing the drawdown at least five times, you can get a profit of 45% per month. This is in theory. However, in practice, there are nuances that we will discuss in more detail on the broadcast.

Read more about the instruments that were traded this month.
As a result, the drawdown was 5.45%. The profit is approximately 7.67% of the Deposit. This is how the trading month came out.

If you want to see the same results in trading, sign up for the training below. During the classes, you will learn all the features of automatic trading that allow me and my students to earn steadily on the Forex market!

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