Expert Advisor "Pro Cracker": a 150% profit per year

Expert Advisor "Pro Cracker": a 150% profit per year

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Many traders who are interested in automated trading regularly ask how effectively you can trade using the Forex Cracker Pro expert Advisor. In this article, you will see what results can be achieved by trading this expert Advisor.

The most important thing to remember about the Forex Cracker Pro expert Advisor is that it is built on the martingale principle. And this should automatically be alarming, because it is a risk. What makes people use martingale? The hope that he will shoot.

This is why Martingale-based grid expert advisors have been and will continue to be popular. There are always those who want to tame and apply this method. I know people who use martingale on $ 100,000 deposits. However, I do not know what their statistics are at a distance.

Forex expert Advisor Cracker Pro, thanks to several traders, has been tested for a long period. According to the developers, the Hacker works most effectively on the H1 timeframe. Preferred currency pairs: GBPUSD, AUDUSD, USDCAD, EURUSD, EURGBP, EURCHF, EURJPY, USDJPY, USDCHF.

I will present some successful third-party tests of one of the versions of this expert Advisor. A little lower – my tests, more recent.
I warn everyone, especially beginners, that such a result is absolutely expected for martingale. But newcomers are trying to tame the martingale, hoping that by doubling or tripling the Deposit, they will withdraw part of the profit.

Remember that these are tests, and real results can only be on real accounts. However, few people will allow themselves to risk a large Deposit on the principle of martingale.
The picture shows typical deviations of the balance and funds. This means that the expert Advisor leaves trades in limbo and waits for the price to return for them, but at the same time opens new ones in the opposite direction.

The yield is 21% with a drawdown of 30%. And this is for 7 months.

For the broadcast, I prepared more interesting runs of the Cracker, but it's worth considering whether you need to take such a risk? Just compare the tests of the Forex Cracker Pro adviser with the results of real trading of the 007 adviser, which in just two months showed a large yield with a drawdown of 4%.
Do you want more visual information about the Forex Cracker Pro expert Advisor? Then watch the free webinar. In just 1 hour, I ran the Forex Cracker Pro adviser on a number of settings. I tried to anticipate large drawdowns and chose those currency pairs where the probability of large price flights is less likely.

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