Choose Your Forex Trading Strategies Expert Advisors

Choose Your Forex Trading Strategies Expert Advisors

Choose Your Forex Trading Strategies Expert Advisors

Our topic today is forex expert advisor ranking. Sometimes they are called Expert Advisors (EA), as well as robots or mechanical trading systems (MTS). All this is the same thing - a program that will open and close trade transactions in automatic mode. The Forex advisor has a sequence of certain actions (algorithm) that will be phased in.

Trading robots is a software mapping of a particular trading strategy. The robot does not feel the need for food and sleep, like a living person, and is not subject to emotions, which is often “sinned” by novice Forex traders. Using trading experts can significantly reduce the time spent by the trader in front of the monitor, leaving all the routine work on the program. Therefore, today more and more traders use MTS in their trading. But how to choose a Forex trading strategies expert advisors and evaluate the profitability of its trade - read below in forex expert advisor review.


Forex Expert Advisor Ranking Classification

Trading robots can be classified in different ways.

At cost:

- free.

- paid.


By the number of traded currency pairs:

1.single currency.



By type of trade:

  1. scalpers (pippers). Aggressive but profitable.
  2. “Martins” (“Martingales”, netters). The trading style is aggressive (the degree of aggressiveness is controlled and adjusted by the trader himself).
  3. trend - determine the trend and trade only in this direction.
  4. flat - open positions only in flat.

We are inclined to believe that the latter classification of best expert advisor forex is most often used among Forex traders.


Choosing a Forex Advisor

It is no secret that many traders are looking for and downloading free Forex trading robots online, hoping that they will earn, if not dozens, then a thousand or two bucks for sure. Unfortunately, supporters of this method are forced to disappoint - many free versions of such programs have limited functionality. In other words, full-fledged trading is possible only if you purchase a full-fledged paid version. And the grunted, that is, hacked, free version is just “bits” of knowledge. This does not always happen, but very often. And then the deposit is drained, and the trader sits and rubs his forehead: “Damn, but they wrote that the robot was perfect! Why I can’t earn anything? ”

If you want to make a profit from the Forex market automatically using best expert advisor forex, you need to be ready to invest money. A good, responsible developer will always give a 30-90-day guarantee on his brainchild. What is no reason to trust the authors of these advisers anymore? The developer provides a guarantee and a refund if you are unhappy with anything - is this not a good argument for the fact that this Forex advisor is profitable?

Therefore, use the free versions for reference only, for the test, so to speak. And never put a free option to trade for real money.


Testing: Forex Expert Advisor Review

So you finally got a paid version of the trading robot. What to do next? Be sure to test on the strategy tester, then put on a demo and in parallel on a real with a small deposit (cent accounts are perfect). Running through a strategy tester will give us confidence in the effectiveness of the program, and double testing (demo + real) will help save valuable time.

A robot can be trusted to trade in real life only with positive results of testing on history. This implies high testing accuracy (90% and higher) and the presence of profit at the end of testing. We use the settings recommended by the program developer. If something does not work out, we write to the authors (developers).

Ideally, the schedule for profit should be smooth and upward. If jerks are present, then, most likely, the adviser is a net-Martin. This is not bad, but the load on the deposit is high, as is the aggressiveness of the trade. It is much better if MTS trades, analyzing the market situation, determining the trend, etc., and does not just open with averaging.

For the full trading of the Forex advisor, you will definitely need VPS (VPS) - a virtual remote server working 24 hours a day.


Conclusion: in order to correctly apply best expert advisor Forex and earn money, you need to not only find a profitable trading robot, but also correctly test and configure it. The road will be overpowered by the walking one. Go ahead and remember that the profitability of trading depends very much on the broker you choose!

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