Forget about the phases in the market! The strategy

Forget about the phases in the market! The strategy

Forget about the phases in the market! The strategy

This is hard to believe, but according to statistics, only 0.5% of traders actually earn on Forex. And this is from 100%! Why is this happening? Traders ' mistakes start when they enter the market: the wrong moment is chosen. And how do you know when it is best to open a position, so as not to merge completely?

As often mentioned on our website, the "Sniper" system is very versatile and flexible. One of its main advantages is its complete versatility. Why?

The versatility of the strategy consists in a variety of entry points, each of which is suitable for a specific market situation. How do I understand this? Let's analyze the three main entry points for the strategy.

Let's start with the base entry point (or TBV). Based on this entry point, we will determine the reversal point in the trend. The versatility lies in the fact that the point can be used both when trading on a trend and against a trend. Convenient, right? However, you should be careful, as there are certain rules that you just need to follow when trading.

And we will tell you about them again.

The formula for finding the base entry point is as follows:
TBV= RU3+MRZ(TIU, Tius),


RU3 is a reversal level;
MRZ is the place where the past trend changed.

Rules for entering by TBV:

The mandatory presence of support (under the support means MCE, TIU, Tius);
The presence of RU (u-turn level) in the u-turn zone.

The technique of entering the position is clearly visible on this chart:

tvb 1b79c

GBPJPYgif c31ee

When trading using TBV, it is very important to manage your position correctly. We will tell you how to get the most out of your deals at our upcoming webinar. We advise you not to skip it if you want to learn not to merge and trade only in the plus!

Sometimes when you enter the TBV, you get a large Stop Loss. Don't worry, it's not a problem. In the trading strategy "Sniper "in this case, there is also an entry point, and it is called"Retest".

The fact is that the price often returns to the reversal zone for retest. So, using this pattern, we can enter the market with a smaller Stop Loss.

Retest is nothing more than a repeated test of the local maximum/minimum after the appearance of RU3:

This entry point allows you to enter the market with a very short Stop Loss of 5-20 points;
The retest does not interrupt the top of RU3.

The Retest entry technique can be viewed on the example of a transaction on the GBP/USD pair:

retest 9d7f8

GBPUSD1gif ee25a

By the way, this entry point has a modified version. Do you want to know what this version is? All the details will be discussed in more detail at the upcoming webinar, which is just dedicated to the entry points for "Sniper".

As you know, there are only two reactions to the level-this is a breakout (false breakout is a type of breakout) and a breakout:

When the rebound from the level is formed, we use TBV;
When the level breaks, we will use the PPD (breakout continuation of the movement).

The entry rules will be as follows:

The price approached the level, rolled back, broke through the level, fixed above (under) TIU, TIU(C), MRZ;
You only need to enter the PDA on the first level and rarely on the second. At the third level, we no longer trade, because the potential at this level is usually already exhausted;
Making an entrance on pinning;
We put the stop Loss under the local minimum (maximum).

ppd 2aac0

GBPUSD 126b7

PPD can be used as a risk-free top-up to the position, which will increase the profitability of Your trade. But, here you need to own a certain technique. "What is it?" you may ask. But you will find out the answer to this question at the upcoming webinar, which, by the way, will take place very soon: on Tuesday, November 29 at 20.00. The webinar will be broadcast live on the Forex Academy's YouTube channel. The theme of broadcast: "Strategy Sniper: entry points".

Now let's talk about why You should come to the webinar. It all depends on your goals. If you came to Forex just for the sake of draining the Deposit and trading as it turns out, you can pass by.

And if you want to consistently close all your trades in a plus, learn how to trade in different market situations, then our webinar is just for you. During the broadcast, we will tell You about the entry points for the "Sniper" strategy. When you learn how to use these points, you will be able to trade in any market phase: on the trend and even against it. In other words, You are no longer tied to the market situation and act independently. Your income will depend only on your desire to earn, period.

Will any other Forex strategy give you such advantages? No! Strategy "Sniper" gives You really rare information that you will not find anywhere else on the Internet! So why drag out the time and continue to merge, if you can earn today? Just sign up for our broadcast and we will teach you real trading!

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