History of Forex quotes

History of Forex quotes

History of Forex quotes

The archive of quotes is a history of the price movement of an asset over a fairly long time, which can sometimes reach decades.

Most Forex brokers provide their clients with a history of quotes for MT4 as an additional service, which includes not only the main currency pairs, but also precious metals such as silver or gold.
Why do I need a history of Forex quotes?

Without an archive of Forex quotes, it will be impossible to test trading advisors, strategies, and indicators. After all, to test them, you need a large number of bars not only for the current year, but also for previous years.

So, the history of quotes for MetaTrader 4 is stored directly in the terminal itself. However, it may not be complete, say in just a few years. On the other hand, you can always find freely available quote archives on the Web, download them, and thus only increase historical data on asset prices. In addition, there are tick quotes. You won't be able to get them just like that, just by collecting them yourself.

Below we will talk about the history of quotes for Metatrader 4, because it allows you to make any Forex trading more complete and verified.

As we mentioned above, any introduction to a trading robot or indicator is based on checking their performance on the strategy tester. By the way, Price Action patterns are also checked on charts with a deep history of quotes.

Forex indicators work well only when the archive is full of quotes. Otherwise, mistakes will be made, and the algorithm of the trading instrument will not seem correct enough.

So, the history of Forex quotes should be appropriate and complete.

Naturally, each trader trades in their own way. Some people spend a lot of time trading and take every trade very seriously. But there are also those who do not think twice about opening deals.
How do I copy quotes from MT4?

Sometimes a trader needs to copy quotes from the MetaTrader 4 trading terminal to Excel or some other application. Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) technology will help you do this.

So, in MT4, to start exporting quotes, you need to click on “Tools "– “Settings". Select the” Server “tab and check the box next to” Allow DDE server“, then click "OK".

After that, you can enter the formula in the Microsoft Excel table:


Then click on the " Enter”button.
By the way, you can specify TIME, HIGH, LOW, ASK, or even QUOTE instead of BID. The EUR/USD asset may also be different.
How do I upload quotes to MT4?

In order to upload quotes of financial assets to the trading terminal, you first need to download the archive of quotes for MT4.

So, go to the “Tools” menu and select “archive of quotes”, or call it using the F2 function key on the keyboard.
After that, the history of Forex quotes should automatically appear. In this window, you can select a currency pair and timeframe.
When the asset and time period selection is selected, click “Upload". It will take some time until the quotes are added. Then we close the dialog box and safely test the indicators and automatic robots.
How do I import quotes to MetaTrader 4?

As it turned out, finding detailed quotes for MT4 is quite difficult. It is much easier to find the history of Forex quotes for the MetaStock trading platform.

Note that the formats for providing data on quotes in MetaStock and MT4 are very similar. However, they need some adjustment.

To import quotes, need to complete the following steps:

Exit the MT4 terminal (close it).
Delete all files with the end .hst related to a particular asset in the history\\folder of the terminal. That is, for example, we have the task to import an archive of quotes for MT4 for the GBP/USD asset, then the files will be deleted: GBPUSD43200.hst, GBPUSD30.hst, GBPUSD1440.hst, GBPUSD 1.hst, GBPUSD15.hst, GBPUSD10080.hst, GBPUSD5.hst, GBPUSD240.hst and GBPUSD60.hst.
Loading the MT4 terminal.
Open the "quotes archive" and select the desired asset and timeframe for the GBP/USD pair, as shown in the screenshot below.
The last step is to click on "Import", another window will appear. Then click on "Browse" and select the path to the unpacked files:
After the above actions, the archive of quotes for MT4 will be uploaded to the TERMINAL, which will allow you to test trading strategies and expert advisors with high accuracy.

Note that the M1 time period is the base period for all timeframes, since its data can be used to synthesize the history of quotes for other timeframes, including non-standard ones.

Also, the minute time period makes it possible to consider the formation of a Japanese candle of a higher timeframe. Imagine if there is simply no minute history of price changes for a particular hourly candle, then you can only guess how the situation with the formation of a candle on H1 will develop.

That is why, when testing trading tactics on hourly timeframes, it is recommended to download the history of Forex quotes of a particular financial asset with the M1 timeframe. It will not provide absolute accuracy, it will require a history of ticks, but it will still provide approximate accuracy.
Important points

Below we will tell you about the most important nuances, knowing which every trader can save a lot of time before downloading the archive of quotes for MT4.

You should only upload minute quotes, since they will be used for re-accounting of all other timeframes.

Not every Russian Forex broker has a history of quotes in the archive. It is also not a fact that they are in good condition. In other words, they may have “holes” (prices are not for 1 or 5 minutes, but for days and months). Always check this question with technical support. Of course, they can offer the client, in the absence of their archive,to download quotes from MetaQuotes, the developer of the MT4.5 trading terminal. By the way, their quotes are also “leaky".

It turns out that the broker's trading will be conducted at one price, and we will test indicators and expert advisors at other price values.

What should I do in this case? There is one solution! Most professional traders praise the archives of quote histories from one of the oldest Forex brokers, Alpari. They have quotes that are called “without holes". This is not advertising, you can trade with any broker, but it is best to test strategies with trading advisors from them.

In this article, we told you what the history of quotes is, and why you need to upload it to the MT4 trading terminal. We showed you how to import quotes to MetaTrader 4. We also gave advice on which Forex broker is best to take the archive of minute quotes for any currency pairs.

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