How do traders earn on Analytics?

How do traders earn on Analytics?

How do traders earn on Analytics?

Trading is not easy. Especially in the foreign exchange market, where traders spend thousands of dollars, use all sorts of strategies and indicators. However, if you do not follow the majority, but turn on your brain, then it is quite possible to become a leader in Forex. And this is how.

Hello, dear traders! I am with you again, Jan Sikorsky, a trader at the Forex Academy. So what will help the trader to break out of the crowd and finally start earning? The answer is simple: the ability to predict the market and price zones plays an important role in order to avoid Deposit drains. That is why every week I make analytical releases for You with the results of the past trading week and forecasts for the future.

I must say that last week was not rich in any events, except for the release of the CPI for the Euro Zone, which exceeded the forecast values and amounted to 1.1 %. This is what gave a short-term boost to the Euro's strength, because in the current environment, high inflation may force the ECB to pursue a tougher monetary policy. Also last week, we saw the published minutes of the Federal open market Commission, which did not bring any surprises.

This week's event will be Donald trump's speech on Wednesday. While the time of the speech is not exactly known, however, we can already say that the market volatility will definitely increase during the speech.

Bank of England Governor mark Carney will deliver a speech at 17:15 GMT on Thursday.

The week will end with a speech by fed chair Janet Yellen. I don't think we will hear anything fundamentally new in these speeches, but we should understand that volatility will definitely increase, so we need to be careful when opening trading positions at this time.

From the point of view of technology for the current week, the following price zones look interesting.

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