How do trump and Draghi bring discord to trade?

How do trump and Draghi bring discord to trade?

How do trump and Draghi bring discord to trade?

"How can I predict the price movement in the market? How do I find the exact entry points? Analytics-this is what will help every trader in their work. And today we will tell You what to expect this week.

Hello, dear traders! This is Yan Sikorsky, Forex Academy trader!

Last week, Donald trump officially became the 45th President of the United States. A new era of American politics and geopolitical relations began on Friday at exactly noon Eastern time.

Also last week, the head of the ECB (European Central Bank) Mario Draghi, who said that he sees no reason for the growth of core inflation indicators. In addition, the head of the ECB noted that if necessary, the Bank is ready to expand the program of incentives for the EU economy. Another key statement was that political uncertainty is the basis for maintaining the ECB's loose monetary policy.

These news combined to trigger a short-term fall in the Euro against major currencies. However, this rhetoric of the head of the Central Bank of Europe was, apparently, embedded in the price, so the next day the Euro fully recovered its fall.

These are the most important events that took place last week.

Today we will focus on the events of the coming week. Let's start with a small overview of the fundamental data on the main instruments, and then move on to the main price levels that are worth watching this week. Next, I will choose the best deals that my students send me.

And at the end of the article, you can ask all your questions related to trading, of which I will choose the most interesting and next Monday I will give a detailed answer to it. So, let's go!

Fundamental data on major currency instruments
USD. Recently, the dollar has been getting very strong macro statistics. Initial applications for unemployment benefits were again lower than expected, which, in turn, tells us about the fed's desire to focus on inflation, since the fiscal policy that Donald trump is going to pursue will lead to an acceleration in the rate of inflation growth. Because of this, the fed will have to raise the purchasing power of money to slow the rate of inflation. So in the near future, you need to monitor the data coming out in the US more closely.

EUR. It is no secret that there are certain structural problems in the Euro Area, so we are unlikely to see a curtailment of stimulus measures in the near future, let alone any increase in interest rates. Mario Draghi's last speech confirmed this hypothesis. Also negative is the political uncertainty that is associated with the arrival of trump. Based on this, it can be assumed that the ECB is unlikely to radically change its monetary policy, and the tightening of policy in the US will lead to a differential in monetary policy between the Eurozone and the US. Therefore, a long-term bearish trend is possible in the EUR/USD pair.

GBP. Theresa may's speech last week clarified the situation a bit. Based on data for Britain, the slowdown in GDP growth was not as strong as planned. Plus, one of the strongest acceleration in the rate of inflation growth, combined with positive data on the labor market, may give the British Central Bank a reason to gradually tighten monetary policy. The pound also recently looks oversold due to the influence of past negative news reflected in the price. If the release of strong statistics for the UK continues, we will see a strengthening of the pound.

To implement all the above ideas, the following price levels look interesting for us.

GBP / USD pair
Support: TIU in the area of 1.2415; 1.2371; 1.2255;
Resistance: TIU in the area of 1.2500; 1.2565.

EUR / USD pair
Support: TIU in the area of 1.0715; 1.0595; 1.0475; 1.0380;
Resistance: TIU in the area of 1.0800.

USD/JPY pair
Support: TIU in the area of 112.50;
Resistance: TIU in the area 115,30; 116,50; 117, 50; 118,30.

It is in these price zones that we will wait for the formed entry points for the ""Sniper"" trading strategy this week.

You can get Analytics and price levels for other financial instruments in our private chat in Telegram.

I present to Your attention a series of deals sent by one of my students who was trained in the strategy ""Sniper"".

EUR / USD pair
The graph shows the input at the Base entry point:


USD/JPY pair
On the chart, you can see the entry at the Base entry point:


And, as a result, the result during training:

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