How machines make money

How machines make money

How machines make money

The Internet is literally teeming with laudatory reviews of various expert advisors, but their effectiveness is rarely supported by any evidence. In this article, you will see real examples of what expert advisors are capable of, and what role correctly set settings play in automatic trading.

Let's look at the account where the 008 and 007 expert advisors trade, and compare the result for July with the result in June. I will put a few trades on the chart so that you can look at the average position hold and average pass in the case of take profit and stop loss.
63 transactions brought an increase to the Deposit of 32% with a drawdown of 5.3%. Many of my students celebrated this month. In fact, the ratio of profit to drawdown is very decent.
31 transactions, and the profit was not even 2% with a drawdown of 3.5%. As you can see, this is how the indicators of neighboring months can differ, and this is not surprising. However, the main thing for us is that since the demonstration of my accounts for 10 months, only one month was unprofitable. And this is almost 100% automatic trading.

Now let's look at a few deals on the 008 expert Advisor. There may be some newcomers among you. I will explain to you: the red dotted deals are for sale, and the blue ones are for purchase.
Sometimes an earlier opening of trades by the 008 robot leads to such disadvantages, but if we shift the time to find the entry point, we will lose a significant share of profitable positions.
Let me remind you that 007 is a trending robot, unlike 008, which trades closer to the Asian trading session in the night range.

Next, let's look at my semi-robot trades from option levels using the Direction mood indicator that excites you.
I recommend not looking for the nature of opening trades: there is a separate trigger that I teach in the format of individual training. The main thing to understand is that we buy on a cheap mood, and sell on a sell one. There are a number of recommendations for when to move to breakeven and how long to keep trades. Also, trades may be in a drawdown until there is a change of mood.
Oil: a good profit series with one losing trade.

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