How not to merge the Deposit? 4 main mistakes of the trader

How not to merge the Deposit? 4 main mistakes of the trader

How not to merge the Deposit? 4 main mistakes of the trader

Most likely, You already have some working strategy, according to which you trade in the market. And this is very good if the strategy you choose really works and generates revenue. But what if, instead of making a profit, you get a loss day after day?

Hello, dear traders! This is Yan Sikorsky, a trader at the Forex Academy.

Today we will talk about how to survive in the market, and with a whole trade balance. You probably wondered why people lose their Deposit and what to do to avoid being among those who drain?

I will not be deceitful and try to demonstrate any Grail, because it simply does not exist. The reason lies in a combination of factors. Someone will say that you only need a profitable strategy and that's it. Others will start to blame the brokers. Third-party market makers.

In fact, if you look at most traders from the outside, they should only blame themselves.

And today I will tell you about the main problems that prevent You from achieving stable results in the market with an entire trading account.

The first thing that any trader faces when coming to the market is the choice of a trading system.

I am sure that each of You has faced such a problem. You went online and searched for different trading systems that made your head spin. Some talk about trend strategies, while others talk about countertrend strategies. And each of them promises you a huge profit.

In the end, You chose something, but the trade still did not go: neither the first time, nor the second, nor the third. Most people in this case just gave up trading.

In fact, there may have been several reasons For your failures:

The trading system did not work in the market phase where You used it;
The rules of the trading system are not clear. And the same situation can be interpreted in different ways. Because Of this, you have a dissonance and you can not understand where and what decision to make;
Ignorance of any nuances. You just read about the vehicle on several resources and started using it, although in fact, knowing the nuances is what distinguishes earning people from those who can't do it;
Lack of money management rules.

Based on the list described above, the following conclusions can be drawn:

The trading system should be universal. The dynamics and state of the market is constantly changing, so Your trading system should be suitable for any phase of the market. Take, for example, TC Sniper: the trading system has entry points that are suitable for any phase of the market.
As I said, not clear rules prevent You from making the right decision in a particular situation. In the Sniper vehicle, each entry point is clearly described and has certain structured entry rules.

Take, for example, the Base Entry Point.

There are certain rules: the price must build RU3 in the TIU, Tius, or MRZ zone. And only then do we enter the market. Everything is simple and easy to interpret.

tiuvvv e1abb

The entry technique can be traced to an example of one of my student's trades:

12 cc770

I once wondered: what distinguishes traders who are constantly at zero from those who earn money? And I came to the conclusion that the main difference is the knowledge of trade nuances.

Now I focus on training not only on practice, but also on analyzing all the subtleties and nuances of the Sniper vehicle.

Now let's talk about money management. This is one of the most important conditions that You must observe to avoid draining. Moreover, money management includes not only the risk on the transaction, but also the rules for managing the position. By the way, the rules of money management are clearly spelled out in the TC Sniper, which reduces the probability of losing a trading account to zero.

Another important factor is that people are often prevented from making stable money on the market by their own psychology. Yes, don't be surprised.

In fact, you can talk about the psychology of a trader forever, because this topic is very extensive. And that is why I will devote most of my speech to psychology at our upcoming open webinar, which will be held on January 17 at 20:00. And, in particular, such problems as:

Greed (sitting out the position);
Fear (after a series of losses, fear of getting a Stop Loss and making an early exit from the position);
Uncertainty (fear of getting a Stop Loss, this creates a fear of entering a trade. The system gives You a signal to enter, but before that you have already "thawed" a couple of times and therefore it is somehow scary to enter. As a result, you don't enter and watch the price go up without You. After that, on another signal, you start to enter and then "Stop"!);
Tilt (after a series of losses, you start entering trades not using the system, but just for wagering);
Hope (one of the worst qualities, usually associated with the fact that You decide to earn$ 100 every day. It turns out that you are not trading market opportunities, but your expectations).

And, of course, at our open webinar, we will talk about ways to eliminate these psychological problems.

Have you learned enough secrets to save your Deposit?

Do you want to not only save your account, but also multiply it?

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