How to become a trading guru from the comfort

How to become a trading guru from the comfort

How to become a trading guru from the comfort

Free yourself from the endless analysis of the market, opening trading positions, and constantly being in front of the monitor - isn't this what many traders want? Should I trust my Deposit to trading advisors?

Good afternoon! My name is Evgeny Kachalov, I am a trader-analyst at AcademyFX. Together, we continue to analyze popular trading advisors that provide super-fast trading and change the face of the world's financial markets day by day. And today we have on the radar adviser "Autoprofit 3.0".

The "Autoprofit3.0" expert Advisor is a simplified and improved version of the Ilan family of expert advisors. The robot is fully automatic and has a potentially high profit margin. However, it is worth noting that high profitability is associated with the corresponding risks. This expert Advisor is based on the martingale system. Our task is to find out what market conditions will be most favorable for this robot.

The expert Advisor Autoprofit 3.0 is multi-currency, so it is not limited to choosing a single currency pair. The robot can earn from 10% to 80% per month. It all depends on the aggressiveness of the settings and the current market situation. The most optimal timeframe for the expert Advisor will be H1.

AutoProfit3. 0 is suitable for overclocking deposits. Traders who have an understanding of overclocking tactics often use this expert Advisor.

The authors suggest installing the expert Advisor on an hourly timeframe.

Optimal options for using the AutoProfit3.0 expert Advisor:

Flat movements;
Asian session;
Not the volatility of the currency pair.

As you have already understood, the trend is not our friend. We need flat, sideways movements.

Now I will show you one state where trading was conducted only in the Asian trading session:


Trading took place only at night Moscow time from 22.00 PM to 8.00 am, sometimes a series of transactions was transferred to the day. About 6-8 currency instruments participated in the trade. In total, $ 7230 was earned for the month with a maximum drawdown of 11.37%. It is worth noting that market conditions were ideal for this year period.

Sooner or later, on rough settings, the Deposit is drained. This is the fate of all advisors built on the martingale system. In order to protect yourself, you need to systematically withdraw profits.

I will demonstrate for beginners in Forex, how to close positions on the martingale system:

The trend was downward and in the course of the decline, buy positions were opened. On the subsequent rollback, the system calculates the total Take Profit and closes the entire series of trades.

Since the trend is not desirable for us, we understand that flat movements are something that will bring a stable profit.

See how many trades are closed in sideways movements:

Having made a simple analysis of the "Autoprofit 3.0" expert Advisor, we understand that it is best to include it in flat market movements. And when do we have flat moves? That's right, in the Asian session.

Now let's highlight the parameters that, in principle, affect future income and risks:

Lot size – the volume of the position that will not overload the Deposit;
Multiplication factor of the next position;
Step in points – the distance through which new positions will be opened;
Percentage of total drawdown on the Deposit.

I will tell you in detail about all these points at the upcoming webinar, which will be broadcast live on our YouTube channel this Thursday, November 24 at 20.00!

During the broadcast, we will make a real crash test for the Autoprofit 3.0 expert Advisor together! I will tell you what phases of the market are most favorable for using martingale. I will tell you which currency pairs are suitable for this system, when it is better to turn the expert Advisor on and off. And most importantly, I will give you examples of settings for different trading styles. Aggressors and conservatives-on the broadcast, everyone will find a variant of settings.

I promise that this broadcast will be useful for everyone who is interested in automatic trading. The information that will be provided during the session will help you understand the settings of the expert Advisor, so as not to drain the Deposit. All you have to do is click on the button below, fill out the form that appears and sign up for the broadcast! As soon as You submit the application form for participation, You will be contacted by a financial Advisor to discuss all the nuances of the broadcast.

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