How to invest with a yield of 300%

How to invest with a yield of 300%

How to invest with a yield of 300%

Any person who has free money, at least once in their life asked questions: "How can I increase my savings?» and "How do I make my money work for me?» Nowadays, the Internet is full of offers in this regard. Let's briefly consider the most common of them.

The first option is a Bank Deposit. You bring your money to the Bank, open a Deposit or buy bonds and just wait for the money to multiply. Simple, reliable, risk-free... However, is it really risk-free? Now in the CIS, there is such a trend: the Deposit rate and the interest rate on bonds are not much higher than the percentage of inflation. This means that in practice, the depositor can return less money than they invested. Nominally, there will be more of them, but their real value will be "eaten up" by inflation.

HYIPs and high-risk investments will be considered as the second option. Many offers promise a high income for "doing nothing". "Just bring us the money, and in a month it will be returned to you in five times the amount" – this is the meaning of most of them. We will not tell you why this doesn't work, but only give statistics: in 99.9% of cases, after such investments, you will not see your money at all.

Real estate investment is the third option. And it's a very good option. Real estate is one of the assets that is constantly growing in price. Therefore, almost all wealthy people are very fond of this kind of investment. However, there is one "but". For this type of investment, you need to have an amount with a decent number of zeros. You also need to understand that real estate investments are long – term, and they will not "fight off" immediately.

The next option is your own business. However, there are also many pitfalls waiting for you here. Choosing a business niche, drawing up a business plan, selecting a team, etc. In addition, you need to understand that for a more or less large-scale business, you will need about $100,000 at the start. And, again, according to statistics, 90% of startups do not live up to a year – only a third of the remaining 10% goes to self-sufficiency and makes a profit.
Now let's briefly consider the most profitable investment option – the Forex market, which has become very widespread in recent years. Here's what it's about:

In order to become a trader-investor today, you do not need to have a large fortune, as before. An amount of $250 or more is sufficient.
The trader determines his own time and place of work, the amount of risk, and the currency pair for which he works.
The modern investor has a lot of free time, which he uses at his discretion. It takes a few seconds to make a decision about opening a trade. And then it happens, as in the old trading aphorism: "The position is working – the trader is resting."

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