Ilan Advisor: 80% profit per month-real!

Ilan Advisor: 80% profit per month-real!

Ilan Advisor: 80% profit per month-real!

Do you get everything you can from trading, but not everything you want? Especially for You, I will tell you how to take full control of your trading and achieve real success on Forex. You say it's impossible? Then read on.

With You again Eugene Katchalov. And today I will review the most popular expert Advisor Ilan 1.6.

Ilan expert Advisor series has been on the FOREX market for about 10 years. During this time, many traders have made good money using it, but there are also those who have lost their money due to incorrect money management settings.

This robot, to a large extent, works exclusively on a mathematical algorithm. The entry point does not have any unique properties and is formed exclusively from the overbought and oversold zones of the RSI indicator. If the price goes against an open position, the martingale principle is used. The robot averages through a certain number of points, increasing the next position by the specified coefficient. Subsequent positions are opened at the close of the candle of the current timeframe.

With the right settings, the expert Advisor can bring from 50 to 80% of profit per month!!! Great, isn't it?

The authors suggest installing the expert Advisor on an hourly timeframe, but earlier versions of Ilan were installed on a five-minute chart.

And now, to avoid being unfounded, I will present a couple of back-tests.

Let's look at the test of the USD/JPY currency pair:

Ilan11 8cbf3

We see a two-month yield of about 90% with a drawdown of 27%. The settings here are relatively aggressive.

Now let's see what results you can get with conservative settings, focusing on a stable income:

Ilan12 ede18

Take a look at what the result will be if you increase the risks and potential profits:

Ilan13 39839

As a result, sooner or later it is on rough settings that the Deposit is drained. Unfortunately, this is the fate of all advisors built on the martingale system. In order to protect yourself, you need to systematically withdraw profits.

It is also worth understanding that with this approach, any trend is NOT our friend. It is very risky, in case of growth, to constantly average and add positions against the trend.

For beginners, I want to show how positions are closed in the martingale system:

Ilan14 711c3

The trend was downward and in the course of the decline, buy positions were opened. On the subsequent rollback, the system calculates the total Take Profit and closes the entire series of trades.

Based on the fact that the trend is not desirable for us, We understand that flat movements are something that will bring a stable profit.

See how many trades are closed in sideways movements:

Ilan15 49b38

Having made a simple analysis of the Ilan expert Advisor, we conclude that it is best to include It in flat market movements. And when do we have flat moves? That's right, in the Asian session!

Now I will highlight for You the parameters that, in principle, affect future income and risks:

The lot size is the volume of the position that will not overload the Deposit;
Multiplication factor of the next position;
The step in points is the distance through which new positions will be opened..
Percentage of total drawdown on the Deposit.

All these parameters will be covered in detail at the upcoming webinar, where we will make a full crash test of this expert Advisor. I will tell you what phases of the market are most favorable for using martingale. I will also tell you which currency pairs are suitable for this system. When you come to the webinar, you will learn when it is best to turn the expert Advisor on and off. And most importantly, I will give you examples of Ilan settings for different trading styles at the webinar especially for You.

Aggressors and conservatives-everyone will find a personal version of the settings!

Well, I have convinced You that using the Ilan expert Advisor correctly, you can get from 50 to 80% of the profit per month?

Then I suggest you watch the recording of the open broadcast, which took place on 09.11.2016, where I arranged a real crash test for this robot! Everyone who visited the broadcast received unique settings for Ilan, as well as a growing profit on their Deposit!

And one more news! A new special course on Automated trading from the Forex Academy was presented at the webinar! Sign up for it now!

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