Simple ways to improve Forex trading advisors

Simple ways to improve Forex trading advisors

Simple ways to improve Forex trading advisors

Today we will talk about simple ways to improve the work of Forex trading advisors. No code changes, configuration changes, and optimization. What everyone can do, but what few people pay attention to. And we will also focus on the important question - what to do if Forex factory expert advisor is no longer profitable.


Speaking of Forex trading advisor, some methods are quite applicable to manual trading, so perhaps the adherents of classical trade will also extract useful moments for themselves.



4 easy ways to improve Forex trading advisors

If the trader seeks to improve the results of the advisor 's trade, he chooses one of three options:


Optimization in the tester - find new settings of indicators and parameters;

Adding "false" signal filters to the trading system;

A radical action is to find a new trading system.

Before letting the trading slightly worse than would be desirable, the strategy "under the knife tester," we suggest to consider facilitated options to improve the results of the trading.




To fully apply the following tips, a number of conditions must be met:


Forex trading advisor should be connected to the statistics of the MyFXBook service.

The history of the robot trading should be at least six months.


1 - Remove extra pairs

The scalability of the trading algorithm to other currency pairs is an unconditional plus, allowing to diversify the strategy and reduce losses. That 's what many theories say, but statistics are stubborn. To see it, let 's go to Advanced Statistics.


When analyzing other instruments, such as stock indices, it makes sense to consider trading results separately in long and short. The stock market is often in protracted growing trends, and the strategy could generate more losses on short positions. In this case, we set in the settings of the Forex trading advisor "Only Long."


2 - Optimizing Trading Times

Traders familiar with Larry Williams 'writings are aware of his many performance tests of trade strategies in different days, weeks, and months. Myfxbook monitoring tracks summary statistics for each working day of the week in the "Daily" tab of the Advanced Statistics section.


3 - Principle of non-interference

When trading inside the day, sometimes even in medium-term strategies, traders are advised to avoid trading at the time of the release of important fundamental news, and they turn off advisors. The paradox of this situation is that tests do not do so, and this already indicates that the benefits of such actions are controversial.


The advisor is not immuned to market force majeure, which occurs more often and affects more strongly than an "unexpected output" of data or an unexpected change in the central bank 's rate. It is enough to recall the actions of the National Bank of Switzerland, the closure of Cyprus banks, the large sale of gold "at the market price" of China, the Brexit referendums, the election of Donald Trump, etc.


The negative reaction to the fundamental news will not fundamentally change the picture of the loss due to the laid-back calculation of the mania of management, but the positive can bring super profit if instead of a teak-profit there is a system of following the trend, according to Forex factory expert advisor.


4 — The Sandbox

If the advisor has ceased to be profitable immediately after launch or a little later, do not rush to perform optimization, try to minimize the size of the lot and transfer the strategy to a demo account. The fact is that the right idea behind the trading system can be subject to seasonal frequency of profit and loss.


An example is the "night scalping" strategy, which works almost perfectly in the flash of a low-liquid Asian session. The picture below shows the frequency of the Forex trading advisor's equity of this type. Profitable plots alternate with periods of loss, but this is not a problem of tactics - so the activity of the session is formed.

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