Making money from the public's footsteps

Making money from the public's footsteps

Making money from the public's footsteps

"Many professional traders try to avoid entering the market with the crowd. As a rule, this does not Bode well. Today we will tell You how to make money using crowd stops.

It is no secret that large movements in the market, which bring the main profit, are created due to the implementation of a large volume in a short period of time. We are used to thinking that a large volume can only come from a major player, but this is not always the case.

The fact is that at certain market points, many small players are in the same direction and have an average position in the market. When the price goes against them, they begin to fix their positions EN masse, sending a large volume of orders to the market and creating a strong imbalance that leads to a significant market movement.

From this, the trader has two main tasks:

The first is to avoid entering with the crowd, so as not to become food for large sharks;
The second is to use such situations for your own purposes and earn money from them.
We have decided on the tasks, now we need to answer the main question - how to determine the points where the public will EN masse fix their feet?

The VSA + market profile bundle will help us do this.

At the master class, which will take place on January 26, at 20: 00 Moscow time, we will analyze in detail the work of this bundle. Now, for example, let's look at one technical element that clearly demonstrates why these two methods are favorite among professionals.

We will focus on the P and b forms of the market profile. These patterns are worth looking for when the trend is already formed. A series of such patterns signals a trend stop and the beginning of a correction, which in some cases can develop into a reversal. In any case, the probability of reverse movement in this situation is very high.

A striking example is gold, which has grown very much. At the expected peak, on the market profiles (tick and volume), we saw the P-form:

Market profile P-form

The p-form tells us that only the public entered the last Forex trend impulse, and a downward movement will trigger its stops. This allowed us to open a short position and earn the amount of 1020$on the removal of weak players:

Entering a position

Fixing a position

Using this technical element in your trading will help you avoid late entries, as well as see market entry points that are not available to most traders.

You can learn more about the latest developments in the use of VSA analysis and market profile, which help you consistently extract profits from the market, from the recording of the master class from the Forex Academy, which took place on January 26 on our Youtube channel. This is a unique master class, such information You will not find on the Internet. Missed it? Consider that you made a huge mistake! However, now you can watch it for free below.

What else can you learn from our master class?

You will learn who forms intraday trends and how, and how to see the end of the trend using the VSA and market profile. We will also tell You how to enter the market at the very beginning of the movement. Not bad, right?"

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