News Hunter FX Speed adviser: Earnings on the locking

News Hunter FX Speed adviser: Earnings on the locking

News Hunter FX Speed adviser: Earnings on the locking

Many fans of automatic trading have heard of such a technique as locking. This method, along with martingale, is often used when creating an expert Advisor. And this is not surprising, this method is easy to understand. But to achieve significant results with it, you need to understand in detail the use of locking in automatic trading.

Hello, dear traders! My name is Evgeny Kachalov, I am a trader at the Forex Academy. Today We will analyze the newshunterfx Speed expert Advisor based on this method.

If you are not familiar with locking, then I advise you to watch one of my free broadcasts on the Youtube channel, where I analyze this method in detail.



In short, if in a classic Martingale we increase the lot when the trend direction is against our expectations, then, if the locking system is used, the opposite positions will increase. The system builds a channel, breaking through the level of this channel, we open a deal. We get profit if the price reaches the next level. If the price returns and the direction changes in the other direction, with an increased lot in proportion to the open positions of opposite trades, we set a position for the new direction.

Many people will say that using locking in expert advisors can only speed up the Deposit drain. Perhaps this will be true if we talk about the thoughtless use of locking. In Turn, in the newshunterfx Speed expert Advisor, a trade is opened at a time when there is maximum volatility in the market. This is achieved by the fact that the EA is activated on days when at least 3 important news on the pair's currencies are released and filters days with low volumes to increase the chance of profit.

In addition, the trader must always monitor the work of the adviser and in certain cases accompany the transactions opened by the adviser, which I teach in my special course. Therefore, the probability that the adviser will need to open more than three positions is small.

The trader can independently adjust the volume of the starting lot, the multiplier for the next position, the grid size, and the level of Take profit setting. Thus, the expert Advisor can work both conservatively and aggressively until the Deposit is overclocked.



As for the actual results of this expert Advisor, you can study them below. The profit for six months was $74,000 with an initial Deposit of $80,000 and a withdrawal of $80,000. At the same time, the maximum drawdown was 29% - which is typical for a risky locking method. I show even more results of expert advisors ' work at my live sessions on the Youtube channel, where I analyze my trading.



As you can see, even such a risky method as locking can be used for the benefit of the trader. I was able to show this with the examples of my students. You can also get positive results by taking training in ""Automatic trading"" under my guidance. During the classes, we analyze in detail trading robots and the trading algorithms used in them. At the exit, each of You will have all the knowledge to use and control the trading robot.

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