Sniper - the art of making money

Sniper - the art of making money

Sniper - the art of making money

How much did the real "Wolf of wall Street" earn? Do you know the answer to this question? Would You like to become a professional yourself, but only in the foreign exchange market? Today you will learn the method by which you can conquer financial heights.

My name is Jan Sikorsky, I am a trader at the Forex Academy. Not so long ago, I also started teaching a special course at the Academy, the popularity of which is simply phenomenal. "What kind of special course is this?" You may ask. Classes are dedicated to the strategy "Sniper".

The Sniper trading system is based on understanding the price movement. In other words, the system gives You an understanding of the processes that cause the price to change its value. But today I would like to talk about something else. Let's look at the advantage of "sniper", which allows our students to earn money in any phase of the market. Most trading systems depend on the trend, but the market is only 30% of its time in the trend . "Sniper" also gives you the opportunity to trade at any phase of the market: both trending and non-trending. Today we will talk about what opportunities the "Sniper" system gives us directly on a non-trend or flat market segment.

For trading on the flat market, there is such a thing as" NF", or cumulative flat. First, let's look at the definition of what a flat is.

Flat is the behavior of market indicators when prices fluctuate within certain highs and lows. The maximum, in this case, acts as a resistance that the market cannot break through.

A cumulative flat is the accumulation of a large number of market participants in a narrow price range. In other words, a major player will hold the flat until the desired number of participants who want to trade within this range appears.

As a rule, in such a situation, small players do the same things - they try to buy at the lower borders, sell at the upper borders, or Vice versa. In such situations, stop Losses are placed outside the flat limit.

Let's look at the examples of what types of SF exist.

The consolidation zone is a narrow consolidated flat that is formed on the period separator with a height of no more than 25 points. Often, the WK begins to form at the end of the American session and has a regular rectangular shape. The consolidation zone is never a reversal, so the entry point at the exit from the WK will only be in the course of the trend.

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Cumulative flat-the period when the price goes in one direction and goes in one direction all day. The difference between the NF and the WK is that the NF is not narrow (more than 25 points) and not even. This situation occurs very rarely.

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On the next chart, you will see the type of cumulative flat with a single reversal, which is most common. The crowd divorce occurs when the price comes out of the cumulative flat, and a huge number of traders start trading in the direction of a breakout, after which the price turns and goes in the opposite direction.

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Then there is another type of cumulative flat, but with two reversals. A big player draws a crowd both up and down, taking the price where it needs to go.

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All the entry points described above have their own additional nuances, which we will discuss in more detail at the webinar, which will be held next Tuesday, November 22 at 20: 00.

Why do you need to come to this webinar? It's simple: you will learn how to trade during a cumulative flat so that you don't lose everything you have. How many times have You got into an unpleasant situation when there was a sideways movement in the market? Lost a lot? At the webinar, which will be held in the live broadcast mode, we will tell you how to act in such situations. Moreover, by visiting our broadcast, you will not lose anything: the lesson will be completely free, so anyone can watch it. But, in return, you will get valuable knowledge that will be very useful to you in practice. All you have to do is click on the button below and apply for participation. A financial adviser will contact You and tell you all the details of the broadcast!

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