Statistics of transactions in the Forex market

Statistics of transactions in the Forex market

Statistics of transactions in the Forex market

One of the most common questions for beginners is about the statistics of transactions in the Forex market, And at first, as a rule, they are interested in the ratio of profitable and unprofitable transactions. Brokers call various numbers for profitable trades and they usually range from 5% to 10%.

Statistics of transactions in the Forex market

How can I calculate the percentage of successful transactions?

Nassim Nicholas Taleb, an American trader and economist who has devoted many years to trading, proposed an interesting method. In his opinion, in order to calculate the success rate, it is necessary to take into account the duration of the trader's stay in the market.

For example, during the first year of a trader's work, the probability of losing their Deposit is about 50%. With these initial data, we can calculate that out of ten thousand people who came to trading in five years, there will be about 313 left. From ten thousand, this is about 3% — this is the percentage of successful transactions.

It should also be taken into account that among traders and analysts there are a certain number of those who, under any circumstances, will show fairly high results. However, trading in the hope that you will get into their number by yourself without doing anything is not worth it. It should be remembered that trading is a science, not a casino game, the market obeys certain laws, and not the will of blind chance.

What is the reason for such a large ratio of profitable and unprofitable transactions?


Those who have a certain experience of real work in the market could not fail to notice that it happens that two traders, all other things being equal (strategy, Deposit size) can show absolutely opposite results in trading. Against the background of the General preservation of the ratio of profitable and unprofitable transactions. Many people are tormented by the question why is this happening?

The answer lies in the psychological characteristics of a particular trader and his way of thinking. If we take the percentage of success as a guideline, it is not difficult to come to the conclusion that traders with a different way of thinking from the majority are about 3-10%. Others fall into the mental traps typical of traders, believing that you can earn money in this business without having knowledge and without putting effort.

This problem has existed almost from the very beginning of trading as a profession, but humanity has not yet been able to approach its solution.Despite the abundance of training materials and computer analysis tools in the network, the number of unprofitable transactions does not decrease. Traders will continue to make two major mistakes:

1. Emotional approach to Forex trading. Most of the traders making decisions are often guided not by fundamental and technical analysis, but by their own emotions, which they also call flair. Focusing on how they spend the money they earn, rather than on the current market situation, also contributes to making emotional decisions.

2. Closed to new knowledge. Having picked up on the top information about trading, many immediately start trading. At the same time, even the loss of the Deposit does not encourage them to analyze what happened and search for new knowledge that can make them successful profitable and unprofitable trades.

What distinguishes successful traders from their less successful counterparts?


1. This is an adequate expectation of profit in relation to the amount of equity. They do not wait for instant enrichment, realizing that this is the result of a certain time, sometimes quite long.

2. Strict compliance with the trading plan. Successful traders take profits at a pre-planned point, regardless of what benefits they are promised by the current market situation.

3. Maintaining a balance between risks and earning opportunities. Successful traders are many times more likely to make a profit than they are to make a loss.
Instead of concluding

, long-Term statistics on the Forex market show that it is within the framework of the simplest trading strategies that the largest number of successful transactions is made. Here, as in a big sport, outstanding Champions know a lot of technical actions, but they always win with one or two. Traders who use several trading strategies at once without focusing enough on any of them are more likely to lose their money.

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