Take everything from the market

Take everything from the market

Take everything from the market

What makes traders from all over the world continuously monitor the data of the simplest chart, take out loans and stay up at night? The answer is greed. This is the main driving force in Forex. In this article, we will explain how you can analyze the greed of other, larger market participants and thereby increase your own Deposit.

It is human greed that makes the price line jump up and down, and with it the state of your Deposit. Therefore, it is perfectly normal that every trader tries to determine the end of the trend with accuracy to the point and open a Sell position at the very top of the market, if we are talking about an upward movement, or at the very "bottom" of the market to open a purchase at the very beginning of a medium-term uptrend.

However, most often such attempts result in losses. And it is good if the trader strictly restricts them: in this case, the loss will be fixed and stop the stop loss. But there are also those who trade without stop losses. For these traders, everything can end much worse: we are talking about a complete loss of the Deposit.

That is why the decision to open a position at the very top or at the very bottom of the market should be fully conscious. An objective explanation of the beginning of the expected trend reversal is required.

So how do you determine the pivot point? Many traders use local highs and lows for this purpose. This approach makes sense: it is statistically proven that at these levels there is at least a corrective movement. Subsequently, this level may be broken, and the price may rush further, but the probability of price rebound from this type of level is quite high.

However, how can you eliminate the risk of losing your Deposit when trying to enter a short position at the peak of the market or at the very bottom of the market-when trying to enter a purchase? The answer is simple: to do this, you need to use additional analysis, which determines whether the historical support/resistance level will be the place where the price will turn.

What data will help us determine the pivot point? Will it be an oscillator or a regular moving average indicator? No indicators this kind is not able to assist the trader in determining level power, since almost all of them describe the price behavior in the past. In other words, they follow the price. And we need information that will help us understand the intentions of major players, because it is their capital that can turn the price and change the direction of the trend. If we know where the big players will move the price, we can predict the correct direction of movement with a very high probability. We are talking about exchange data, namely, exchange volumes. By analyzing these indicators, the trader is able to determine how strong this level is and whether it is worth waiting for a good price movement in the right direction. All you need to do is analyze the available information correctly and make the right decision.

This is the analysis of the VSA 2.0 special course. this strategy uses real exchange volumes, as well as the market profile. Thanks to this approach, the strategy allows you to accurately determine significant levels of support and resistance, and thereby significantly increase the efficiency of trading. In addition, the VSA 2.0 trading strategy uses candlestick patterns to analyze the price and find the entry point. Thus, the VSA 2.0 trading strategy includes a set of analytical tools that can give the trader high-quality trading signals. The flexibility of VSA 2.0 allows you to trade according to the trend, as well as make countertrend transactions, unlike, for example, the FBI strategy, where transactions are made strictly in the direction of the main trend. In addition, the VSA 2.0 special course will tell the trader when it is best to close a position and thus "take" the maximum profit from the market.


Let's look at some examples of students who trade using VSA analysis.

Eugene opened a sale (1) for the GBPUSD currency pair (Fig.1). Part of the position was closed according to the safe rule (2), the rest of the position was closed according to the take profit (3). Entry into the sale was made from the specified volume level (4).
Andrey opened a sale (2) for the USDCAD currency pair (Fig.2) after the price entered the zone of the specified volume resistance level (1). The profit was fixed at the specified volume support level (3) and amounted to 40 points. This transaction was made against the main upward trend.


To display exchange volumes on the MT4 terminal chart, use the Cluster Delta Volume indicator. Standard installation: copy the indicator file to the folder with the MT4 terminal indicators. It should be noted that indicators from this analytical portal are paid. In order for them to work, you need to register on the site, top up your balance and pay for a subscription. There are two subscription options available to the user:

1. Standart Package – $ 4.4 per month

2. Premium Package – $ 7.7 per month

In addition to the volume indicator, there are a number of analytical tools from Cluster Delta, and the price indicated above includes all indicators of the Premium or Standart package. The VSA 2.0 trading strategy requires an additional volume profile indicator. The installation is also standard.

So, we have found out exactly what data we need to predict the price and earn on its reversals. To learn more about the exchange volumes, we suggest you read our open broadcast. In just one hour, you will learn how to read stock data so that it brings you profit, and you will also be able to find profitable entry points to the market with minimal risk.

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