The 3 surest ways to accurately enter the market

The 3 surest ways to accurately enter the market

The 3 surest ways to accurately enter the market

Have you ever wondered how much money you lose in Forex due to lack of knowledge? Non-working strategies, incorrectly calculated indicator parameters, and the eternal search for the Grail in Forex do not allow you to trade in full force. But these problems and expenses can be avoided by knowing only three entry points.

Hello, dear traders! This is Viktor Brel, a trader at the Forex Academy.

Each trading system is created with one goal – to give the trader good entry points, allowing them to enter the market with minimal risks, while making transactions with a good Mat. expectation. In this article, we will look at the 3 best opportunities that allow you to open a trade with minimal risk and a large profit potential.

First, let's define what a good profit potential means. It's quite simple. Any trade that has a risk / profit ratio of 1 to 3 or more is a good opportunity to earn money. Thus, when searching for the best entry points, we should always keep this condition in mind. Otherwise, our risks will increase significantly and, as a result, we will not get effective trading.

The relationship between price and exchange volumes gives us an undeniable advantage over other traders who use standard technical analysis tools in their trading. Correct use and interpretation of these components, as well as support and resistance levels, can significantly improve trading results.

So, let's look at the three top entry points for the VSA strategy.
Top: Entering a trade at the historical support / resistance level

The first example shows the chart of the USD/CHF currency pair. The number 1 indicates the resistance level, to which the price returned again after a while and tried to break through this level (figure 2), while the attempt to break through was accompanied by the presence of a large volume. As a result, it is clear that sellers were stronger than buyers and the candle closes below the resistance level on a large volume. This gives us a clear understanding that the price will be rolled out. Thus, after the candle was formed, we got a great opportunity to enter the sales. This Stop-Loss should be set 5 points above the peak candle and Take Profit at significant historical support level. After the price passed the distance equal to the Stop Loss order, it was necessary to close 50% of the position, and the rest of the position was closed when the risk / profit ratio was reached 1 to 3.

1vsa 5c011

The same scenario may be repeated at the bottom of the market. At the same time, our actions will be exactly the same, only in a mirror image.
Second place: Breaking through the support/resistance level at a high volume

The second example shows the chart of the EUR / USD currency pair. We can see that the price tried to break through the resistance level (1) several times at high volumes, which tells us that a large seller is present in the market. However, after a while, the price (2) on high volume (3) breaks through the resistance level (1), after which we see a slow decline in the price to the support level on low volumes. When the price touches the support level, you can open a purchase (4), while the Stop Loss should be set 5-10 points below the support level, and the Take Profit, as in the first case, at a distance from the entry point, 3 times the size of the Stop Loss. Also, do not forget about the safe, according to the rules of which you need to close 50% of the position when the price passes a distance equal to the size of the Stop Loss.

2vsa c8947

As in the first case, when a similar situation occurs in a downtrend, you should act similarly, only in a mirror way.
Third place: the price Approach to the support / resistance level on a large volume

It is extremely rare for the price to break through the support / resistance level if we see a significant effort, and the price is removed from this level. In such cases, there is a good opportunity to open a trade with the expectation of rebounding from the support/resistance level.

The third example shows the chart of the AUD / USD currency pair. As you can see, when the price (2) approaches the resistance level (1) at high volumes (3), we see a rebound and a good downward correction movement. This example is also an excellent opportunity to open a trade for sale with Stop Loss and Take Profit according to the rules described earlier in examples 1 and 2.

3vsa 02068

As in the previous examples, when a similar situation occurs in the opposite direction, you should act in the same way, but in a mirror image.

Remember, it is much easier to make money on the market if you know the entry points I described above. Of course, this is not all the features of the VSA trading strategy.

The trading method of VSA analysis allows you to accurately determine the moment when the price is as predictable as possible, which makes it much easier to enter the market. Accordingly, the chances of making a profit increase. With the VSA strategy, you trade more confidently. You are trading profitably.

However, I would not recommend that you learn all the details of the strategy yourself. It is best to do this under the guidance of an experienced trader who will point out mistakes made during training or trading and help you correct them. Where can I find such a trader? There is nothing complicated!

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