The FBI indicator is the best assistant for analysis

The FBI indicator is the best assistant for analysis

The FBI indicator is the best assistant for analysis

The review of the indicator should start with an introduction to the strategy "Forex without risk", for which the indicator was created. The FBI strategy is a continuation of the classic 3-screen elder system, supplemented with support and resistance levels and price action patterns.

Why these elements?

It's simple. Classic approaches are time-tested and allow traders to earn money both a hundred years ago and today.

First, the three-screen system teaches the trader an important technique-price analysis on multiple timeframes. It would seem that why you can't use a single timeframe and not bother. But in this case, we strongly limit our vision of the whole situation. In contrast, the analysis from the higher to the lower timeframe gives a more complete picture of the market and an understanding of the whole situation.

Secondly, if Alexander elder in his system suggested placing an order for breaking the candle of the smallest timeframe, we preferred to find a more accurate entry point using levels and price action. This makes it more likely to determine further movement and set an accurate and short stop loss.

The obvious disadvantage of this strategy is the large number of criteria for a good deal (after all, you need to monitor three timeframes at once!). Because of this, it becomes difficult to keep track of several financial instruments. That is why AcademyFX traders have developed an indicator that allows you to automatically track several currency pairs at once and not worry that you will miss a profitable entry point.


Indicator three elder screens

The 3-screen indicator is set to any pair and looks like this:



It is intuitive to understand what information this table contains. The intersection of columns and rows shows which signal the indicator shows for a particular pair: for sale-red, for purchase-green, and an undefined signal in yellow.

As you can see from the picture, a sell signal was formed for the USDCHF pair. the trader just needs to check the signal readings and look for an entry point on the lower timeframe.

At the same time, the indicator can be fully customized to your trading style by specifying the required timeframe for each indicator. In the line of trading instruments, you can specify any number of currency pairs that you are interested in.



At the same time, the trader does not have to sit and track the color changes in the indicator. The indicator settings allow you to set a sound alert that will be triggered when the MetaTrader window is minimized. Or you can set alerts in your smartphone, which will allow the trader not to be at the computer all day.

Levels and Price Action indicator

For beginners who are just learning Forex trading, the FBI indicator may like the function of displaying price action levels and patterns.

In the screenshot, you can see how the expert Advisor level was formed and how the price reacts to this level in the future.



Technically, this indicator does not require configuration or any additions. But you can customize its visual design: the colors of levels, arrows, and captions.


As you can see, the "Forex without risk" system is based on the classic techniques of technical analysis, laid down by Alexander elder, among others. But if it worked on a fairly quiet exchange market, then it is much more difficult to track the state of a dozen pairs in an active Forex market. The FBI indicator is designed to facilitate the work of a trader who needs to double-check the indicator and open a trade.

And today You have the opportunity to become the owner of this indicator, which will not only simplify your trading, but also allow you to earn several times more! Sound alerts will not let You miss the moment of entering trades, and the display of levels and patterns will allow You to delve even deeper into the market – you will constantly learn and get a stable profit.

And all you need to do is click on the button below and leave a request! And tomorrow You will be on the path of success.

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