The results of the students

The results of the students

The results of the students

Over time, binary options trading does not lose its popularity among traders. Therefore, we provide training for our students in binary options trading, among other things. One of the most popular strategies in this special course is the strategy using the Bollinger and RSI lines.

If anyone still doubts the profitability of this strategy, then one of our students in a closed forum gave statistics on this strategy for a month for one currency pair:

EURUSD statistics from 01.02.17 to 28.02.17 BB+RSI
Opportunities to enter a trade for this period - 32
On the breakdown of BB + RSI only 6, plus 6
According to the breakdown of only BB only 9 of them 7 in plus, 2 in minus
The other 17, on the news and in the early morning, when we don't enter the deal.

Another of our students, Vladimir, not only checked the quality of signals in history, but also showed on a real example that you can earn money using this strategy:

I tested the strategy with the BB and RSI indicator. Everything works very well. The number of transactions, of course, should be reduced in favor of quality.
Thank you to Eugene for teaching chart analysis and BO strategies. Everything is very simple, sensible, and clear.



Another strategy is based on the use of our proprietary indicator Bin45. This indicator gives signals, which may be very pleasant for beginners. Vladimir tested the work of this strategy in practice, and this is what he says about it:

During the previous webinar, Eugene warned everyone to be careful when using Bin45. But on this day, I have already opened 6 trades (experimented with choosing the expiration time): 4-closed (2-loss, 2-profit), two more trades closed in profit immediately after the webinar. Total: 4-2. I opened trades selectively, not using all the indicator signals. Worked on two currency pairs. Sometimes I used news movements that amplify the signal. Finally, the stupid "loaded» ))) a trade only on the indicator signal and on a currency pair whose chart was not analyzed at all on that day (you can't do this in any case), the signal worked out in profit. Of course-luck, but the score was 5-2 in favor of the indicator.



In addition to strategies for standard expiration dates, the Forex Academy talks about strategies with a rather unusual expiration date-until the end of the day. Again, Vladimir tested this strategy in trading:

I tried testing a strategy with an expiration date until the end of the day. Just super!!!
Eugene, I got everything I expected in Your classes, thank you, creative and commercial success to You.



Another of our students, Eugene, speaks about the results of training. In the video review, he talked about how he was trained in binary options trading by Yevgeny Kachalov and what results he achieved.



And today, each of You can achieve the same results as our students. But this is far from the limit – it all depends on You and your greed! What is required of You? Just click on the button below and sign up for a special course on "Binary options", after which you will receive not just support in the form of a professional trader – you will have a real friend who will accompany You throughout the journey.

And then you can say to yourself that you have really achieved impressive results in trading. And who knows, perhaps the next "student Results" will be dedicated to You

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