The strategy Sniper an analysis of the trading week

The strategy Sniper an analysis of the trading week

The strategy Sniper an analysis of the trading week

The Sniper strategy course is the most popular product of the Forex Academy. Do you want to know how AcademyFX students cope with This system? And what results does the strategy show after each trading week? You will find the answers in the article.

Hello, traders! My name is Jan Sikorsky, I am a trader at the Forex Academy. I continue to tell You about the "Sniper" strategy and the results that my students achieve. I use this system in my trading.

Last week, the United States celebrated Thanksgiving, so the week was not as active as the previous two. However, it gave us good opportunities and we will analyze some of them.
GBP/USD pair

Last week, in the GBP/USD pair, we marked a key level around 1.2490. On Monday, RU3 was formed in this price zone, which is the Base entry point.

Let me remind you of the TBV formula:

On Tuesday, the price returned to this zone, forming an entry point, or Retest:
Retest = MRZ+RU3+Retest Area

Unfortunately, I didn't have time to enter the market in time, and I didn't want to catch up with the outgoing train. But some of the students were able to take this movement.

To prove it, here's a screenshot of one of the students ' deal:

funt sdelka kopiya a0afd

For the current week, the levels of 1.2320 and 1.2375, which are support, look interesting. The resistance can be considered TIU in the area of 1.2650. Of course, the levels need to be adjusted during the week. Adjusted the levels I'm trying to post every day in our private chat in the Telegram.

funt analitika c9cf2

Last week, in the GBP/JPY pair, we named the TIU at 137.2 as the key level, which acted as a support for us, after which RU3 was formed in this price range. This gave the reason to enter at the Base entry point. By the way, I still hold this deal. The fact is that in such situations, we use non-standard position management to squeeze the maximum potential out of the transaction:

fyenna sdelka 640aa

Today, the TIU around 142.35, which acts as a resistance, and the TIU around 138.70, which acts as a support, looks interesting:

fyenna analitika 39282

We post the key levels for all other currency pairs, as well as raw materials and metals in Our telegram chat.

In addition to the key levels, the online chat allows you to communicate with other traders - students of the Forex Academy, share useful information and ask questions. All this regardless of the time of day and location, because the chat works around the clock, 24/7.

Traders-analysts of the Forex Academy constantly participate in the discussions of the telegram chat. This means that you can always ask for advice on a complex transaction, discuss the results of trading and get help or professional support from an analyst!

How do I get into our chat?

To join the private chat in Telegram, sign up for training in the "Sniper" strategy! Just fill out the form below and submit your application. Immediately after sending your application for training, the Manager of the Forex Academy will contact you and tell you how the training will take place and how to get into The telegram chat.

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