The whole truth about binary options

The whole truth about binary options

The whole truth about binary options

What attracts you to binary options? Probably its simplicity. The information available on the Internet is full of ease of earning. However, in fact, it turns out that it is not so easy to make money on options. But really. In this article, I will share with you a couple of secrets that will help you do this.

By signing up for the webinar, you will learn in just one hour what binary options really are, why short-term strategies work worse than medium-term ones, how to apply doubling correctly, and which strategies allow you to make 100% per month.

So, what are the questions faced by a newcomer to the binary options market? The most interesting (and sad) thing is when the trader does not have absolutely any questions, but instead there is a state of "everything is simple" and he does not really understand the system, thoughtlessly starts trading. Before trading binary options, you need to make sure that you can clearly answer these four questions, otherwise your Deposit will disappear before you have time to say the word "tick".

First, what are binary options? If you are too vague about what it is, welcome to my webinar, where I talk about it in detail.
The second point is probably one of the most important: how to choose the right binary options broker? It's no secret that the binary options market is full... unscrupulous (let's call them that) brokers. How to make the right choice, we will talk on the broadcast and understand which specific brokers can be trusted 100%.
The third point is strategy. The biggest mistake beginners make is trading on intuition, without a working strategy. You will see a brief analysis of the best trading strategies on the webinar. At the same time, you can see for yourself the effectiveness of these strategies by reading the results of my students.
The fourth point is money management, or proper management of your Deposit. Many traders complain about everything and everyone except themselves, forgetting about the most important thing – proper management of their capital.

As for binary options, you should take into account such things as the average payout in case of a positive outcome of the transaction, as well as how much the broker withdraws funds in case of a negative outcome. When a trade closes in the negative, it is clear that you lose the entire bid amount. But when the deal closes in a plus, you get an average of 80%.

80% of the profit for the most popular type of binary options is higher/lower. Often brokers do not offer such a percentage. Knowing this payout percentage, it is easy to calculate that in order to trade around 0, you need to close 6 trades out of 10 plus. And to really feel the earnings, you need to close 7-8 transactions out of 10 plus (and with a good Deposit).

And here martingale comes to the rescue. But this concept needs to be understood in more detail. Perhaps there are people among you who have a sad experience of using the martingale principle.

How to use martingale correctly? How many times can I double my trades? To do this, I have clear rules that must be followed, which is what my students do, for whom martingale really helps earn money.

Which of you prefer trading on turbo options (turbo options are options with an expiration period of up to 5 minutes)? Now tell me, are you successfully trading on this type of option? I am more likely to believe that the trade is not successful. Why? The answer is simple: there are banal statistics that show that the more deals you open per day, the worse your result.

My research fully supports this theory and complements it on the other hand:
Some of my students have a hard time accepting this rule. Rather, this is not even a rule, but a consequence that directly tells you how to improve the efficiency of your transactions. It is very difficult for people who were trading all the time on minutes to change their positions. The choice is yours: either drive from a large number of transactions, or profitable trading in the form of rare verified bets.

What strategies are best suited to my trading rules? This is a Bollinger Bands + RSI strategy with an expiration date until the end of the day, trading on Price Action patterns. You can also get a brief overview of the strategy at the webinar.

Do you want to finally remove all unnecessary things in your trading and achieve the following statistics?


Trading statistics from 30.05.2017-12.07.2017 from 9:00-22:00

USDCHF (Timeframe: M 15)
Then watch the free webinar where you will learn how to trade binary options to earn a serious profit, as well as why many of the traders do not have stability when trading binary options.

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