The whole truth about the Forex market

The whole truth about the Forex market

The whole truth about the Forex market

People tend to question everything. And the Forex market is no exception. Surely from your friends and acquaintances or in the vastness of the Runet, You have once heard that Forex is bred and this is a pure Scam, where absolutely everything is lost,and only the owners of Forex platforms earn. To dispel the myths about Forex once and for all, enter “the whole truth about trading” or “the truth about Forex”in the search. And you will definitely learn a lot of interesting and new things.
Dispel the myths about Forex

We will not say that the Forex market is considered by many to be a pure Scam. "Forex is a divorce," they say. And this is true, if only the trading process is conducted through an intermediary. But if you are really interested in the whole truth about Forex, and you want to get to the truth once and for all, read this material further.

As everywhere, even in a huge market, there are unscrupulous Forex brokers whose task is to deceive their clients. But it is good that there are few such brokers. Otherwise, Forex would have been banned long ago. The Forex market can be compared to sellers at a fair. Out of a hundred sellers, there are definitely a few unscrupulous sellers who want to sell a very bad product for good money.

In order not to fall for the bait of such scammers, you need to enter the query in the search engine: "the truth about Forex brokers”, and everything will immediately fall into place. Choose only trusted brokers that will allow you to earn money on the foreign exchange market. This is the main truth about Forex brokers. It is quite possible to earn income. In fact, you can identify a really fake Forex broker by many points. One of them will be some damn good offers to their customers. A novice trader may encounter something like: "top up your account with $1000 and your Deposit will increase by 100%." And so on. This is a banal deception. Playing on people's greed. If you happen to meet such brokers, avoid them.

So, let's focus on the most common myths that the Russian-language Network is full of.
You'll need a lot of money to trade

the truth about Forex

You don't have to have thousands of dollars to trade on the Forex market. To date, there are quite a lot of brokers for whom this "truth" about Forex is absolutely not terrible. Moreover, you can start trading on their platforms with one US dollar (cent accounts). However, the best option is to add at least $100 to your trading Deposit.
A terrible risk

Risk is present in everything. It is especially great in handling money. After all, not all entrepreneurs who once wanted to become businessmen were definitely successful. There are difficulties everywhere, and there is nothing supernatural about it. The whole truth about trading is to constantly work on your trading strategy and discipline. This is quite difficult, so many people, losing their money and not being able to bring Forex training to a victorious final, give up this business and start spamming all over the Internet that Forex does not allow them to earn money and all that. But this is far from the case.

The truth about Forex is that every third newcomer gets a significant profit in the first month of working in the foreign exchange market – everything depends on You personally! The main thing to understand is that a lot of things that you read on the Internet are misconceptions about the Forex market. This is the truth about Forex.
There is no reliability

The Forex market has been around since 1971. It can be considered the most modern and global market in the world. Its participants include investors, financial organizations, and individuals. It operates around the clock 5 days a week. The volume of transactions averages $4-5 trillion. This is significantly more than the volume of transactions on the famous American stock exchange. So it is stupid to consider Forex not reliable. If you understand the knowledge of at least technical analysis, you can earn money.
Forex is a casino?

the whole truth about trading

There is a group of people who believe that it is impossible to predict the direction of an asset. Therefore, they often compare Forex trading with a casino because they don't know many things. But even a superficial analysis of the market allows you to predict where the price will move. Assets are affected by a number of global events in the world. For example, after September 11, 2001, the us dollar fell by several percent in an instant. Or the US is planning a military operation in some region, the value of the dollar is growing. Where's the casino?

As for the excitement, the Forex market is no less than in the casino.
Without a special mindset and knowledge of Forex, it is better not to meddle

To trade on the Forex market, you do not need to defend your dissertations in Economics and Finance. Moreover, even a schoolboy can learn to trade profitably in this market. The main thing is a strong desire and desire to learn. You won't believe it, but among the participants of the Forex market: metro drivers, minibus and taxi drivers, farmers, doctors, and even teenagers without any education. A Forex trader makes himself, not born a successful trader. You just need to stop being afraid of the unknown and start learning. This is the truth about traders.
Expensive training

The judgment that learning Forex trading is expensive is partly true. In fact, the trader can not spend their money and learn on their own, via the Internet. This will take a long time and may be ineffective. The second option is paid). To become a good trader faster and not spend years on it, you can pay for Forex Academy training courses. The price for our courses starts from only 6 thousand rubles. For some it is expensive, but for others it is not. But if you take into account the fact that our teachers guarantee to double your initial Deposit after individual training and practice, then the tuition fee will definitely pay off.

So, we found out that you can earn money on the Forex market without cheating. However, as in any business, you need to make some effort, in particular, to pass training yourself or for money, in order to easily see the situation on the market, considering a particular asset. Losers will definitely be discouraged from trading on the Forex market, as they will be offended that others will be able to earn, and they, at the time, could not achieve anything. In any case, only You can choose what to do

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