Trading on weekends and holidays: is it possible?

Trading on weekends and holidays: is it possible?

Trading on weekends and holidays: is it possible?

As you know, Forex trading is not carried out on weekends and holidays, and on such days, as defined by the American trading rules, the exchange is resting. In this regard, many traders have a question about how to use the time on weekends and holidays to improve their performance on the eve of next week, when the exchange will reopen, because despite the weekend, money in the currency market does not sleep.

And if money does not sleep, then there are opportunities for developing a trading strategy! In Russia, the market starts from 01.00 on Monday and deals continue to be concluded until 01.00 on Saturday. In some cases, certain brokers provide an opportunity to trade on weekends and holidays, but this is not a common practice for transactions in the eyes of experienced traders who prefer not to conduct trading operations on weekends. Some traders spend their free days conducting technical or fundamental analysis of the Forex market, while others rest, they are looking for various ways and tactics to improve the quality of future transactions during the week. And the first and very common move is to monitor gaps on the weekend!

Gap monitoring in markets refers to tracking price gaps, and this technique is considered an important part of the overall strategy of a trader. It is especially important that it is most convenient to use it on weekends and holidays, when there is time for this analysis to help with the opening of the market in the new week. The task of the trader here is to predict by analyzing possible gaps at the opening on Monday and make money on this. Prices differ between the closing time on Saturday and the opening time on Monday, which means that gaps that accompany the first trading hours of the new week will appear regularly. Learning to control them is a great tactic, and later you can learn how to monitor gaps in order to earn money not only on weekends. Gaps also appear in the market as a result of various serious political and economic events, and being able to keep up with prices jumping due to various events in the world is an important skill.
Sunday evening, according to the experience of many traders, is the best time to monitor gaps. At about 10 o'clock in Moscow, you will see, regardless of changes in prices over the weekend, what gaps have appeared, and if they appear, you can wait for the market to open to play on this. The same applies to holidays and evenings before the opening of the trading market. As a result, we can confidently say that the weekend can undoubtedly be used to make the best future deals on working days. Time on Saturday and Sunday can be used for training additional future earnings.

Another interesting tactic for developing trading skills on weekends is earning money on binary options, which is a fairly simple technique. A binary options trader is looking for opportunities to make a profit on trading rates with a forecast of the future movement of the asset value. The cost can either decrease or increase, and you need to play it well. This type of trading is a good tool for the development of basic trading strategies in the Forex market and can be a good option for how not to waste time on the weekend and stay in the trade. Binary options betting is an accessible technique for a trader with any experience and education. Moreover, they are available to almost everyone, regardless of the planned budget. This is why this type of trading is very popular.

Many traders on weekends and holidays prefer to move away from direct trading, but they want to do something profitable that will allow them to develop their analytical and psychological skills necessary for trading on the Forex market. Perhaps the most common hobby in this sense for traders is some card games, which in their methodology, strategy and demands on intellectual skills, concentration, psychological stability and methodology are quite similar to trading. It is also interesting to note that card players often become great traders. Both areas, whether it is cards or trading, form a similar mindset and technique for achieving goals, due to the need to calculate and anticipate various scenarios. However, traders often go to card shops, believing that it is there that they can better realize their talents and earn more. A great example of a professional poker player who grew up from trading is the Ukrainian player Yevgeny Kachalov, who started out as a fairly successful trader.
Evgeny Kachalov was engaged in trading on exchanges and markets for quite a long time and achieved success in this before he decided to start a career as a professional online poker player. Kachalov successfully applied the skills gained from trading in a new business and also noted that both directions are similar in many ways. He soon moved from online to live tournaments, where he regularly hit prizes and won tens of thousands of dollars. Kachalov, in his spare time from trading with a very small amount of money, realized that he could be even stronger in the cards. However, this business can simply help with trading, making the trader more seasoned, focused and attentive. This is why weekend tournaments are a great idea for self-development and earnings for traders, especially if they are short online tournaments available on a smartphone anywhere.

Experienced traders, despite the opportunity to spend all their free time and holidays trading, nevertheless do not stay at the monitors for too long and know that a good rest is necessary in any activity. Leaving operations on the Forex market for business days and having more rest during non-business days for the markets can result in a better strategy than combining several types of business and trading. Finding the right balance of rest and using additional ways to earn money on trading on weekends and holidays is an important skill to master!

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