Trading robots: all the secrets in 60 minutes!

Trading robots: all the secrets in 60 minutes!

Trading robots: all the secrets in 60 minutes!

Many of our students often have a question: how do robots actually trade, how profitable are they? The best way to answer these questions is to demonstrate real trading with a robot.

Hello, dear traders! This is Evgeny Kachalov, Forex Academy trader.

Specifically for your numerous requests, the Forex Academy launches a series of webinars where you will see the real trading of our professional traders.

At webinars on automatic trading, many of my students were interested in how these or other expert advisors work out in real trading mode. This is why the next LIVE session will be dedicated to my real-time trading using trading robots.

I'll tell You a couple of secrets about building a portfolio of robots that balance and diversify each other. My task at the LIVE session will be to demonstrate how I personally trade expert advisors, which ones I use, when I disable expert advisors on the eve of important economic events.

Well, do you want to learn more about how much you can earn with robots? Then rather watch the recording of the LIVE session that took place on January 24 on our Youtube channel!

Visitors to the session did not miss the opportunity to ask questions to a professional trader, and immediately get an answer to them! Therefore, you can view the entry right now and find those questions that may have also been interesting to You! Are you ready to make sure that trading robots are exactly the type of trading that you really need? Then rather click on the video below, watch, learn with the Academy!
You will find out what kind of money management I follow on various accounts. Also, during the session, I will reveal the secret of how many accounts I trade simultaneously, keeping my concentration, and what to do in case of unforeseen situations.

I will also tell You how I conduct a dialogue with investors, discussing certain risky opportunities.

I am sure that in an hour I will be able to show You all the current trading results, as well as several results of my students.

In this article, I will leave only one statement for now. I will show everything else directly on the terminals during the webinar.

So, stayment.

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