Weekends and holidays on Forex

Weekends and holidays on Forex

Weekends and holidays on Forex

We all celebrate new year's holidays and the Forex market is no exception. Weekends on Forex are also present. After all, people work on it, not machines. So on what days should you stop trading currencies and metals manually or using automatic expert advisors? In this article, we will find out whether Forex works on weekends or not.

The main holiday in Catholic countries, including America, the main holiday is Christmas. In Russia, it is the New Year. They celebrate Christmas on December 25. This is why you should not trade after December 25. Although, even most banks and other large financial institutions close transactions starting from December 19. Therefore, trading from December 20 to December 31 cannot be called dynamic.

However, many Forex traders try to hold positions until the beginning of the Catholic Christmas.

Note that starting from December 25 until the New Year – holidays on Forex, and therefore there is often a flat movement. The market is almost impossible to predict. In the first days after the New year, Forex does not work. Usually, the broker who is trading always warns when the Forex market opens after the weekend. Therefore, its clients will definitely not remain outside of trading.

It is also worth considering the fact that during the holidays, most DC specifically expand the spread. Therefore, its value should always be checked. There are separate Forex indicators for this purpose. If it is more than on normal days, then it is not recommended to join the fight for profit. In this case, it is better to wait for normal trading conditions and only then trade.

There are some experts who say that in the first days of January, market volatility is low and it doesn't make much sense to trade. This is not always the case. There are times when there is significant volatility, which allows a trader to take several hundred points per day for a trading day. Most indicator signals, Price Action patterns, and other candlestick patterns are technically processed. Naturally, it is important that the spreads are normal.

Forex on weekends and holidays

If we talk about weekends on Forex, they last differently for each trader. Someone does not trade, starting from December 19 to mid-January. But there are also those who are waiting for this market to open immediately after the new year holidays in order to scalp on currency pairs. The lack of large volumes allows you to trade inside the day. Accordingly, you need to take care of the goals. They should be smaller than usual. In other words, traders usually reduce their goals by reducing their Stop loss and Take profit. On normal weekends, Forex, of course, does not work. Weekends on Forex are Saturday and Sunday.

Tip: fans of automatic trading using various types of Forex advisors that scalp the market, it is better not to use them until mid-January, until the market enters its usual rut.

Let's summarize all of the above, when is the weekend on Forex, and on which days it is quite possible to trade:

It is better to close existing positions on December 23.
Starting from January 4, you can try to open positions.
Until January 16, you can reduce your stops and takeaways.
It is advisable not to use expert advisors until January 16.
Those who trade on daily charts do not have to worry that the Forex market is ineffective on weekends. You can trade just like on other normal days.
It is important to monitor the increase in spreads.
Inexperienced traders are not recommended to leave open positions for the weekend, as gaps may form from the new trading week. Experienced Forex market players know how they work out.

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