What will improve your Forex trading?

What will improve your Forex trading?

What will improve your Forex trading?

What is the most common problem for a trader? As a rule, this is the inability to earn money. Everything seems to be going well, but then there is always a drain. How can this situation be corrected?

VSA analysis helps identify key points in the market and the points where the trend begins and ends. But not everything that is written in the VSA books works in the foreign exchange market.

We have collected for You the TOP 4 VSA patterns, the use of which will significantly improve Your results in Forex trading.

Pattern "Attract»
Quite a strong reversal pattern, if you look for it in the right places. Many people don't know how to use it. To do this, there are two tricks that will help you determine exactly whether this signal will work or not:

Atrastu should be preceded by a trend, i.e. if Upthrust indicates a reversal up on the background should be reduced, and conversely, if Upthrust indicates a downward reversal, the background should be growth.
Upthrust must be accompanied by a surge of volume. The larger the volume, the stronger the signal:

The "Lack of supply/demand" pattern»
This technical element is difficult to perceive at first, but with a little practice, you will easily find it in real time. The essence of this pattern is that when the price moves in a certain direction, the volume begins to fall, which indicates that there is no interest in moving in this direction:

As a rule, this element appears on corrections to the formed trend.

The pattern of "Stop the volume»
"Stop volume" means the end of the trend and appears near the peaks. The logic of this pattern is as follows: as the price moves in one direction, more and more people start entering the market. When the trend becomes obvious to everyone, it includes the latest players. As soon as they entered the market, there are no more people willing to trade in the direction of this trend and prices start moving in the opposite direction. Also, on such a surge, professional players fix their positions, which adds fuel to the reverse movement:


The "Effort without result" pattern»
By analogy with Attractor, effort without result is a reversal pattern, which is to look after of the established trend. In this pattern, the higher the volume, the stronger its signal. It is very important to look for this pattern at the technical level, which in combination with the volume will give significant confidence in the price reversal:


It is important to understand that all of the above patterns are letters that we have yet to put into words in order to effectively read the market.

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In the VSA special course, you will learn how volume affects the price, which means that you will be able to recognize the direction of future price movement in time and enter and exit the transaction with maximum profit.

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